Why My Laptop Makes Buzzing Noise When Watching Videos [solved] 2022

Almost everyone who has ever used a laptop has come across this issue. Here We are Talking About Why My Laptop Makes Buzzing Noise When Watching Videos?

the buzzing noise that seems to occur when watching videos. It can be extremely frustrating, and it is often difficult to determine the source of the problem. In this blog post, we will discuss the possible causes of this buzzing noise of Laptop and offer some solutions. We hope that this information will help you resolve the issue quickly and easily!

Have you ever had a laptop that made a buzzing noise when watching videos? I have, and it was really annoying. After doing some research, I found out that there are a few possible causes for the problem. In this post, I’m going to share what I learned about why laptops make buzzing noises when watching videos. Here We will Discuss and Find The solution too.

Why My Laptop Makes Buzzing Noise While Watching Videos?

Why My Laptop Makes Buzzing Noise When Watching Videos

Buzzing noise is a phenomenon where the laptop emits a buzzing, whirring, or whining sound during video playback. It’s most likely to occur when watching movies online or playing games on your laptop.

The reasons for having this problem are various but not limited to the following:

·          Video card failure

·          Battery pack failure

·          BIOS failure

Buzzing Sound From The Video Card Or Graphics Card Of Your Laptop :

 If you’re encountering buzz with your laptop that has an integrated graphics card then the main cause behind the problem could be faulty components in your graphic chip which are causing interference with other components inside the system, thus producing unusual noises. Another reason for this problem could be the dirty, misplaced or faulty position of the cooling fans which are trying to keep your laptop cool.

Buzzing Sound From The Battery Pack Of Your Laptop :

When you’re running your battery pack low and it’s about to get discharged then your laptop will produce unusual sounds due to a slow, erratic, or inconsistent charging system. This noise can be really annoying but you can fix this problem by simply replacing your battery pack with a new one. A new replacement battery pack for your laptop should solve the issue of buzzing sound while watching videos.

If these two methods fail in solving the problem of a buzzing sound from a video card/graphics card & battery pack respectively, then I would recommend taking it to a local computer shop and having their tech service look at your system.

Buzzing Sound From The B IOS Of Your Laptop :

 If your laptop is still under warranty then you can have it serviced or replaced for free by the people who sold it to you. Otherwise, there is a simple fix that might bring your BIOS back to life so that you can use it again without experiencing buzzing sound while watching videos.

All you have to do is replace the CMOS battery of your computer with a new working one and see if this brings your laptop back to its old self. However, before taking any action I would recommend contacting your nearest service center and asking them about what could be causing the problem and how much will they charge for fixing it.

Other Possible Problems

The sound you’re hearing could also come from your hard drive, optical drive, USB ports, speakers, headphones, and power supply. Check for any loose connection or damaged cables and replace if required so that noise gets reduced or stops completely.

Laptops usually get hot when we use them for a long time and it is normal and can be ignored so as not to cause any damage to the system. But sometimes the heat may get too much and become a problem for the laptop and this is when we need to turn on the cooling fan. The noise produced by the cooling fan is because it’s spinning very fast.

As mentioned above, cranked-up processing power, graphics intensiveness, and poor ventilation will cause the laptop to get hot and produce a buzzing sound. It is better not to operate your laptop for long hours in such conditions as it may damage the internal parts or at least make them work harder than usual and could burn out soon.

Also note that if dust has accumulated in your vents or heatsink, turning up the volume of your speakers won’t do much good as you wouldn’t be able to hear anything other than a loud buzz or whirring noise from your laptop.

You can also turn up the volume and listen to music, play games or watch movies with this loud buzzing noise as it will not interfere with anything. But if you don’t want the loud sound to distract your attention from work or watching a movie, then there’s nothing much you can do about it.

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How To Get Rid Of The Annoying Buzzing Noise On Laptop?

1.) Clean out the vents and heatsink:

  The first thing that you should do is clean out all dust that has been collected in your laptop over a period of time. The best way would be to use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to suck off all dust from its vents and from the area around the fan blades under its heatsink.

2.) Repair or replace damaged fan:

If this doesn’t solve the problem, you might be dealing with a damaged fan and will need to either replace it or get it repaired by a professional. You can find replacement parts for your laptop online if you’re good at doing things yourself and would like to save some money.

3.) Turn down the CPU use:

Now, there are two ways that you could go about doing this: Either decrease the processing power used during intense applications such as watching videos or playing games (this requires settings changes mostly), or turn off other processes running in the background so that they don’t interfere with video playback and other media-related tasks. This way the CPU usage will automatically reduce and so the fan speed, causing the noise to reduce or go away entirely.

4.) Switch off your wireless connection:

If you’re using a laptop with built-in wireless connectivity, then it would be wise to turn off its Wi-Fi or Bluetooth radios. This way the system won’t interfere with video playback and other media use even if there are some processes running in the background.

5.) Update drivers:

 The loud buzzing sound might also be because of outdated or faulty drivers for your sound card so make sure that these are up to date. Drivers are software programs that enable the communication between devices and applications installed on your computer,

so having updated ones will ensure that all components work well together and further problems related to this issue do not occur.

6.) Make sure fans work properly:

If an unusual or abnormal noise is coming from your cooling fan, it might indicate a problem and you will need to get your laptop repaired so that it does not overheat due to excessive heat and damage to its internal parts.

7.) Avoid overheating the CPU:

Avoid using your laptop in direct sunlight for long hours as well as on surfaces that are very hot themselves, such as a car’s dashboard when left under the sun. High temperatures can cause problems with system hardware including costly repairs or replacements thus avoiding high-temperature conditions completely is recommended

if you want to keep your laptop running smoothly. Also note that some laptops/computers have fans installed below them usually, make sure these haven’t been clogged with dust or any other material that would affect their performance.

8.) Uninstall unnecessary software:

Unused programs take up unnecessary space and resources that could be used by your laptop for beneficial purposes. So, removing these can help increase the overall performance of your computer system as well as decrease fan noise if it is hardware-related due to several background processes running at once.

Before you uninstall anything though, make sure you back up all important documents you might have saved on your PC first so that no data loss occurs during this process.

If none of these suggestions helps to fix the problem then I suggest taking your laptop to a technician for some professional advice on how best to handle any hardware issue(s) related to its parts including its fans.


Here we share with you Tips of solve the buzzing noise on a laptop when you are watching videos and on what steps to take if your laptop is making a loud buzzing sound while watching videos. 

The first tip states that you can use compressed gas to clean out the dust from its vents and around the fan blades, replace damaged parts, turn down CPU usage, turn off wireless connection, update drivers, check fans work properly, avoid overheating CPU or computer case by using it in cool spaces.

And not leaving it under direct sunlight for long periods of time as well as removing unnecessary software. If all these don’t help then you need to take your laptop to a technician for professional advice.

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