Why Does Laptop Make Rattling Noise When Tilted? [Solved]

This is one of the most popular questions I get called by my client Today. Laptop Make Rattling Noise, I will explain to you this. The noise comes from your laptop when it’s slightly moved or tilted slightly. Let me tell you how it comes about and what can be done about it. There are two possibilities for this; One is a loose screw and the second one is the fan inside of your laptop.

The sound of a laptop making a rattling noise when tilted is often described as an annoying and disturbing one. It usually occurs due to loose screws inside the laptop which can be easily fixed by tightening them.

However, if it is not repaired immediately then the internal hard disk drive may also get damaged. The person who has bought this laptop for business purposes or school work should immediately take it to the best local computer repair shop in order to fix this problem.

Why Laptop Makes Rattling Noise When Tilted

Now here are some tips to fix this problem

Loose Screw Solution:

Loose Screws are the biggest reason why they make noises when you move it slightly, especially if you have screws on your laptop’s bottom plate. Those screws might be loose and not tightened enough, so the screw might move from its position. This can make a rattling noise when you move it.

Look for any plate with screws on your computer and fix it as tight as possible to keep them from further rattling or moving around. If this doesn’t help, then there may be another problem that is not solved yet.

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Fan Noise Solution: If your laptop makes a rattling noise when you tilt it, the cause might be the fan inside of your computer. It’s very possible that the fan is not cleaned or dust accumulated on it causing an obstruction to its moving parts.

This causes a rattling noise from the fan which results in sounds from your laptop body as well. The noise might be very loud and annoying because it can’t dissipate the heat that is produced inside of your computer case.

You will need to remove your laptop’s bottom assembly, then clean or replace the fan if necessary. This procedure should only be done by people with experience in repairs and tinkering, any other person who might try to do it will end up causing more problems that you don’t want to see.

So, I would like to recommend that if you are not experienced in computer repair or tinkering then take your laptop to the laptop repair company and let them fix it for you. All in all, I hope this information gives you an idea about what is rattling noise and how you can fix it.

How to Fix a Rattling Laptop Fan:

Fan noise is one of the most common problems that laptop owners face, especially if they use their computers for longer periods of time or take them with them when traveling. A lot of users also complain about the rattling noise which is caused by a loose fan screw and can be resolved with a little bit of effort.

First of all, try to recognize whether the noise occurs only when tilting or when moving the laptop in any way. Does it make other sounds while cold pressing the keyboard keys? If yes, then go on reading this article. If not, then you probably have a different problem. For example, make sure that your laptop is not heating up too much and if it happens, consider upgrading the cooling system or applying some cooling tactics to lower down the temperature of your laptop.

1- Loose screws from the motherboard

2- Loose cooling fans

3- Broken or bent parts of the laptop body

4- Dust between mechanical parts or around them causing friction sounds at certain angles

5- Between the bottom cover and the top case, there are some bolts that hold them together. Other smaller bolts hold other small parts such as screen hinges. If any of these bolts is loose, it will make a rattling sound when you move your laptop.

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Why Does Laptop Make Rattling Noise When Tilted Fixed?

One of the most common causes which lead to the rattling noise is a loose screw on the laptop’s internal cooling fan. Over time, computer fans tend to accumulate dirt and dust which results in them not being able to rotate smoothly causing friction between their parts. This, in turn, can cause some loose screws on the fan to vibrate and create a rattling noise.

If this is your problem, you don’t have to worry about dismantling your laptop or taking it to a repair shop for new cooling fans. All you have to do is follow some simple steps that will guide you on how to tighten loose screws on the fan of your laptop yourself.

How to Fix a Rattling Fan in Noise When titled?   

Here’s a step-by-step guide that will teach you how to fix the rattling noise caused by loose fan screws yourself:

  1. Remove eight screws which hold the laptop’s bottom plate in place. Please note that not all laptops have the same number of screws, so refer to your computer’s specifications.
  • Take off the bottom plate by pulling it away from the body of your laptop. The cooling fan should be right underneath it, so you can simply take out that part and clean or replace it if necessary. Clean up all dust and dirt on the cooling fan with a brush or an air blower (you can use your mouth too).
  • Loosen (but don’t remove) four screws which you can see on the fan’s housing. Also, loosen the two screws that are on the side of the cooling fan if your laptop makes rattling noise when making shifts in its position or when you tilt it.

Make sure to keep the other four screws (that hold the fan housing to the bottom plate of your laptop) tightly fastened. This will make sure that the cooling fan doesn’t fall apart when you tighten or loosen other screws on it.

  • Tighten all four screws again, but not too much this time because you don’t want to damage them. Just tighten them so they stay in their place and don’t fall out.
  • Now turn on your laptop and check if there is any rattling noise coming from the cooling fan. If the problem persists, repeat all of these steps again and make sure to tighten all screws properly this time.
  • And If, after tightening all four screws on the fan’s housing, the rattling noise still isn’t gone, then you should try loosening them as much as possible. And If there is no rattling noise when they are loose, then the problem might be elsewhere and you need to consider taking your laptop to a repair shop for professional help.

Final Words:

The laptop’s cooling fan is running at full power, and it can make a rattling sound when the computer is tilted. It might be time to clean out your laptop for dust that has accumulated over the years or replace its cooling system since this issue seems to persist.

The rattling noise may be due to a loose screw, which can often cause the laptop keyboard or touchpad to function improperly. It is recommended that you unscrew and tighten any screws on your computer before using it again. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact our customer service team for further assistance. Thanks!

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