Why Are Laptops More Expensive Than Desktops? [10 Major Reasons]

why are Laptops More Expensive Than Desktops? it’s General Question Asked many times. I believe that laptops cost more money because they have a lot of components in them, and the technology is much newer. For example, a computer can connect to Wi-Fi without a router or an access point.

A laptop contains all of these components inside it already. This allows for quick and easy internet connections, but it also makes the consumer pay more money.

As another reason, I believe that there is not as large of a demand for laptops as there is for desktops. Since many people use their phones or tablets to complete tasks on the go nowadays, not as many people require laptops. Not only this but since so few people actually purchase laptops -they are often used by people who need them for school or work- the supply is lower than the demand, which makes the price higher.

As my last reason why laptops are more expensive than desktops, I would like to quote an article that states ” A laptop has longer battery life and large screen. It also contains a keyboard which usually comes with its cost.”

This is most likely true, but it depends on how much you paid for your laptop in particular. I don’t think this is really valid anymore because most laptops have filled the screen pretty well now with newer models having better screens. But they are still more expensive at this point even among different brands of computers.

And if the person is already paying for wireless internet connection at their house or work, then there really isn’t any advantage for having a laptop over a desktop.

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10 Reasons Why Are Laptops More Expensive Than Desktops?

Why Are Laptops More Expensive Than Desktops 10 Major Reasons

The cost of a laptop is higher than that of a desktop. Here are 10 reasons why laptops are more expensive than desktops:

1. High-speed processors and RAM:

The processor in a laptop is very costly because it consumes much power and generates much heat when compared to the processor in a desktop computer. Further, the high-speed memory in the laptop also makes it costly.

2. Advanced graphics capabilities:

 Laptops offer advanced graphic features such as high resolution and widescreen presentation support at a great price range only because they have an embedded video card that occupies ample space inside the system unit to host its components. On the other hand, desktops allow installing any separate GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) card into it according to the user’s choice.

3. Higher resolution screens:

 In a laptop, the screen resolution is very high because it has to be matched with the video card installed on it. This makes it more expensive than desktop monitors of the same size and type.

4. Solid-state drive:

The solid-state drive which is used in laptops for faster booting and read/write operations also makes them more costly than desktops having similar features like CPU and memory capacity.

5. Integrated components:

Some of the basic features like Bluetooth adapter, touchpad, etc., are already installed in laptops instead of requiring any separate accessory or component to be added later on by user’s demand due to lack of space for such addons inside compact system unit configuration.

6. Durability:

 The laptop is a portable computer that has to be handled with care including the system unit, power cord, mouse, USB memory sticks, etc. This makes them more expensive than desktops that are not much delicate and can handle roughly without damaging any internal part of it.

7. TCO (Total cost of ownership):

The product life cycle for laptops is much lower than desktop computers due to various reasons like higher heat generation in compact system unit configuration when compared to roomy desktop chassis; quicker wear-out of components inside because laptop system unit gets open/ closed too often resulting in a shorter lifespan of keyboard buttons, touchpad pointing device, etc. the need for replacement or upgrade of components sooner than the standard replacement time frame (3-5 years) for desktops because of more frequent usage.

8. Weight:

Laptops are very compact in size due to low weight and variety of components installed inside small chassis space, making it expensive than same configuration desktop computers that are hefty even with fewer features packed into the bulky casing.

9. Accessories cost more:

Various external components required for laptop use like power supply unit, DVI/VGA monitor adapter cable, USB mouse, etc., are costly due to the installation of advanced integrated features inside them. This makes laptops slightly expensive when compared to normal desktop computers having these accessories included in the package while selling off.

10. Higher industry taxation on laptops:

 Laptops attract higher Value- Taxation (VAT), luxury tax, and other indirect taxation which makes them higher in cost when compared to desktop computers.

The high cost of laptops is a common problem for most people especially students and office workers. You can get a functional desktop computer at an affordable price but this is not the case with laptops. This article discusses the reasons why laptops cost more than desktops and what you need to do if you want to buy a cheaper laptop without sacrificing quality.

Why Desktops Are less Expensive? Quick Guide

Desktops are less expensive

Laptops usually contain small components that make them lighter, smaller in size and cheaper to produce – Desktops have larger screens that enable users to work on multiple documents easily – There are more discounts provided on desktops when compared to laptops –

The parts in a desktop computer last longer giving users value for their money while replacing parts in a notebook PC requires the user to change the whole unit since notebooks use non-removable parts such as the motherboard and other key components Desktops are more powerful than laptops

Desktops have faster processors, larger memory capacities, and rugged keyboards that users can easily customize – The major difference between desktops and laptops is that desktops come with the ability to expand the RAM, upgrade the graphics card, and include other PCI slots for printers and scanners. Laptops don’t usually allow these upgrades due to limitations in space

Desktops provide a cheaper alternative to laptops

There are also cheap desktops that give you value for your money without sacrificing quality – Cheap desktops do not compromise on the speed, screen size or other features as they come equipped with the necessary hardware for efficient performance – Some computer shops offer cheap desktops that come with free accessories such as keyboards, mouse and speakers    

Final Words:

The above information gives you some insight into why laptops are more expensive than desktops. If you intend to purchase a laptop at an affordable price, you need to know what hardware components the notebook contains so that you can compare your options before settling on one particular model.

You also need to find out whether there are cheaper alternatives for specific hardware items if they fail within the warranty period. For instance, most companies do not charge their customers for keys or power cords due to wear and tear during shipping or installation processes.

Now you get the idea about why laptops are more expensive than Desktops. Conclusion paragraph: Laptops are more expensive than desktops because the laptop is a much smaller, lighter device that can be used on the go.

The battery life of laptops also typically lasts longer than desktop computers. Your company should consider investing in one or two laptops for your employees to use while they travel and other activities where their computer might not work as well (think coffee shop).  

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