What Size Audio Port Do Laptops Have [Detailed Guide] 2022

Hooking up a new audio port can be a little confusing without knowing the right information for your computer. Here is an article on What Size Audio Port Do Laptops Have including laptop-specific models and general notes that apply to other models as well.

*Note: The headphone jack or any external device hookups may not work with all computers, especially laptops. If you have a desktop, then it is much more likely that your headphone jack or external device hookups will work.

What is a laptop audio jack?

In popular usage, the term “jack” is a slang term for the male connector popularly used in audio applications. In actuality, as with all terminologies of electronic components, there is no such thing as a jack. The correct terminology would be “audio plug”, and it has been termed as such for quite some time now.

The term “jack” is, however, still in widespread use and can be found not only in casual conversation but also in advertisements and even on the packaging of certain products. It is therefore quite understandable that the public has grown used to this term and continues to use it without knowing any better.

By extension, there are several other terms that are used in the same contexts as the term “jack”, simply because they have been so long associated with it. To avoid confusion, these other terms should not be used in place of “audio plug”.

What Size Audio Port Do Laptops Have?

What Size Audio Port Do Laptops Have Standard Head Phone jack Size

Laptops usually have either a combination port for both sound and microphone input or just a separate microphone input and headphone output. In general, the standard computer size looks like this:

The tip of the 3.5 mm stereo audio plug (the small end) is the right/red channel; The ring around it (closer to the flat edge) is the left/white channel, and The sleeve (at the opposite end from where you plug in headphones or other devices) is ground.

Note: there may be variations on the norm such as older computers having two rings instead of three which means left/white is the left channel, right/red is the ground, and the ring in the middle is for mic input. Headphone jacks may differ in color or size depending on the model of computer that you have.

Laptop-specific models vary in the sizes of their headphone jacks. For example, Dell laptops usually have a standard-sized port (3.5 mm) for both headphone and mic input however some of them have no microphone input port so you need to use an external powered microphone with it instead. Another variation is that some laptop computers have separate headphone/headset output and microphone input ports.

And some computer manufacturers put these on opposite ends of the computer which may be somewhat inconvenient when trying to hook up your audio devices especially if they are not modular jacks where you can plug them in from either side. To find out more about what size audio port do laptops have, refer to your computer’s manual or contact their tech support department for more information.

Here is a list of some specific models and their audio port variations: the HP Pavilion dv6 comes with a standard 3.5 mm audio port for both headphone output and microphone input whereas the HP Pavillion dv7 has no microphone input so you have to use an external microphone instead, Lenovo Thinkpads have a separate mic input and headphone/headset output port,

Dell laptops usually have a standard sized port (3.5 mm) for both headphone/headset output and mic input however there are also models that have no microphone input but they do have built-in speakers which means you would not need to hook up external speakers, Toshiba Satellite Pro L300D has a separate mic input and headphone/headset output port.

Some general notes that apply to other models: Headphone and microphone jacks or ports can be color-coded in many different ways such as having different colored rings on the plug, using different colors for the actual jack itself, etc. If you are unsure about where to plug your external audio devices, check your computer manual or contact their tech support department for more information. 


What size audio jack does a laptop have?

The answer to this question varies depending on the make and model of the computer. Laptop computers are commonly equipped with either one or two small round audio jacks (3.5mm in diameter). Some manufacturers, such as Lenovo™ and Dell™, use this type of audio jack on many of their models.

What is the Normal Design of Audio Jack for Laptop?

Designed for laptops Though the audio jacks on laptops are usually inferior to those found on desktop computers, there are some exceptions. Audio jacks designed specifically for laptop computers are rated at an output impedance of between 18Ω and 32Ω.

This output impedance is significantly lower than that found on desktop computers, which range from 42Ω to 100Ω. With a low output impedance of under 35Ω, these laptop-specific jacks will usually offer the listener better sound quality compared with most desktop computer audio jacks.

Do HP laptops have a 3.5 mm jack?

Many portable laptop computers now come with only the smaller 2.5mm or 3.5mm audio port for headphones and microphones, with no separate line-out jack. This is true of many models produced by HP. The reason for this is that manufacturers are trying to save costs by producing devices of reduced size.

The line-out jack can also become damaged or even nonfunctional over time, so if you really need to use your headphone or microphone, it may be necessary to buy an external USB sound card. If you’re in a pinch and don’t have one on hand, there’s another (and in some cases better) workaround.

What are the 3 audio ports on my laptop?

The first audio port we’ll be looking at is the motherboard audio connector, also referred to as the back panel audio connector or rear audio connector. This jack will use either an HD Audio or AC’97 connection standard and will generally be color-coded orange. The motherboard audio connector is used to provide sound to the internal speakers on your laptop.

Laptops will also have either one or two front panel audio connectors located on the front of the computer by, you guessed it, the front edge of your laptop. The color for this port is green and they are often labeled “speaker” or “audio”. The front panel audio connector is used to provide sound either to the headphone or internal microphone found on most laptops.

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