6 Quick Ways To Take Screenshot On ASUS Laptop Windows 2022

Do you have ASUS laptop? And searching for How to Take Screenshot On ASUS Laptop? Don’t Worry! Here is the solution. We will share with you the steps and easy way to capture the screenshot on the ASUS  windows 10 laptop.  

There are a lot of ways you can take screenshots on your computer; from using the built-in screen capture tools to taking screenshots with programs. In this tutorial, we will show you how to take screenshots on your Windows computer. We will also cover the different methods that you can use to take screenshots and screenshots on your computer.

1.Snipping Tool:

Snipping Tool is an open-source screen capture utility for Microsoft Windows. It is the most popular tool for taking screenshots on Windows and it was the first and most popular choice for screenshot capturing.

This is one of the famous options to take a Screenshot On the ASUS Laptop. You can use it and customize the screen and Edit the photo while you capture it. To capture a Screenshot on an ASUS laptop using Snipping follow these steps.

  • Press Windows + R button. (This will open Run dialog Box where you can put the short command of Program to run Quickly.)
  • Type “snippingtool” in The Run Box
  • Press Ok or Enter Button From Keyboard.
  • This will open Snipping tool and you can use This tool To capture the Screen Shoot and Then you can Edit the Photo and Save it where you went.

2.Print Screen:

6 Quick Ways To Take Screenshot On ASUS Laptop

Sometimes, the easiest way to take a screenshot is to press the Print Screen button. The name of the button varies; some versions call it Print Screen. You can choose which you prefer. The Print Screen button can also be used to take a screenshot of a web page. It is especially useful for capturing screenshots of web pages in your Chrome browser. You can do it by following the steps.

Basically, there are two different ways to capture screenshots using the print screen button to Screenshot On ASUS Laptop.

  • First Methods is that Open the page or any software or screen which do you went to take a screen shoot.
  • And Now Press the Print screen button. (it will Print the screen Photo and save it in clipboard, and you can past it any ware you went).
  • Open MS-Paint or MS-Word and Press the Ctrl+V or Right click and past.
  • This will past the Screen shot in to  Paint or word.

Now we talk about the other easiest way to capture the screenshot.

3.Windows + Print Screen:

6 Quick Ways To Take Screenshot On ASUS Laptop

If you went to Screenshot On ASUS Laptop easily directly then follow these steps.

  • First of all open the screen which do you went to capture.
  • Press Windows + Print Screen button
  • This will take a  screen shoot and save it to (C:\Users\**\Pictures\Screenshots).
  • You can open the photo from this directory.

4.Use Browser Extension:

6 Quick Ways To Take Screenshot On ASUS Laptop

There are many ways to take a screenshot on Windows. We will discuss two of them, including the one that can be used to take screenshots using Chrome on Windows laptops. If you’re searching for a way to take screenshots in Chrome, read on. With almost any browser you use at home, it can be easy to Follow the steps to Screenshot On ASUS Laptop.

  • Search on Google “screen capture Chrome extension”
  • Now add your Favorite Chrome Extension
  • Open Chrome Browser and Click on Three Dots on the right side of the Browser.
  • Click more option and Click Extension.
  • Here you will See the Screen capture extension.
  • Now where you  went to take screen shot you can click the Screen shoot extension and then its take a screen shoot.

5.Windows + H Key:

This is another easy to take screenshot on an ASUS laptop using Windows + H key.

  • Firstly, you have to open the window in which you want to take a screenshot.
  • Now press the ‘Windows + H‘ keys at the same time window on ASUS laptop
  • After you click on the “Share” button, the Share from PC window will open. Then you have all the sharing options from your PC. You just need to click on anyone to share to them.


In This article, we share with you guys an Easy and Quick way to take a screenshot on an ASUS laptop by using windows 10. To take A Screenshot on an Asus laptop you can Press the Prt Scr Button. Then Open MS Paint and Past The Screen shoot by pressing the Ctrl+V. and Than Save it Where you Went. We hope you will get a quick solution to the problem. And now you can capture the screen of the ASUS laptop Quickly by following the steps. Thanks!

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