How to Make My HP Laptop Faster Windows 11? Quick Guide

Do you have an HP laptop and it’s running slow? If you are searching for how to make my HP laptop faster than windows 11 then you are in the right place. Here we will share with you the top 10 ways which you can apply on your HP laptop. That’s Gives your laptop more speed and performance.

Windows 11 is one of the most popular OS in the world. And mostly application that runs on Windows are heavier and its user more processor and RAM. and also windows and Some Build Application becomes a burden for a laptop. So in This article, we will go through each step and you will get a solution to your problem. And in the end, your laptop runs faster and more Secure.

Before we go ahead first of all we take a look at why your laptop becomes slower.  You can make sure that on your HP laptop there should be installed software that you use.

So unnecessary software becomes more burden for your laptop. And in the background all time running Software that uses more RAM also an Another major reason that is why your laptop becomes slower. In the list below there are the top 10 ways to make your HP laptop faster.

How to make your HP laptop faster windows 11?

How to Make My HP Laptop Faster Windows 11 Quick Guide

1.   Make More RAM Free

If your laptop runs slow then one of the first reasons is that your laptop has LOW RAM. if you are using a laptop 2-4 GB then its is one of the common problems to runs slow. And if you went your laptop runs faster then you should free up your RAM that will help your laptop and make a More space to run necessary Programs.

And How you can Free up your laptop RAM. The answer is simple Below are the Way how you can Free up more RAM for your laptop.

  • Restart Your Computer Free up more RAM
  • Update Your Software
  • Clear Your Cache
  • Remove Browser Extensions That runs In the background
  • Disable Startup Programs You Don’t Need
  • Stop Running Background Apps

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2.Uninstall Unnecessary Software

Now come to the next Pont where you need to uninstall Unnecessary software which you don’t use for a long time. And some laptop comes with lot’s off free software that you don’t need to use. Then you can free up more space and uninstall such kind of software.

  • You can uninstall software by Going to Windows Setting(Windows+i)
  • Then select the Apps option and there you will see a list of apps.
  • Select the unnecessary app and click uninstall.
windows 11 apps uninstall edited

3. Close Auto Startup Apps

When you Turn on your laptop. Some programs/apps run autocratically in the background. And such kinds of apps become the major reason to slow your laptop. For example when you on your laptop windows Defender run autocratically. And there are such kinds of many software like IDM etc. and you need to turn off Unnecessary software auto startup.

  • Go to taskbar
  • Select Startup
  • Select the Program that you went to Turn off (that program don’t autorun when you turn your laptop on. But you can run it when you Need it)
  • Click on Disable
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4.Storage Management

You will Notes that when your laptop hard drive becomes full with DATA your laptop runs slow. The reason behind that is when your hard Drive has more data. The laptop needs to manage it. And it consumes more power and resources of your laptop. And as a result, your laptop becomes slower.

If you have a huge data you can buy an External Hard drive and store your important DATA in it. And use your laptop drive for your current necessary DATA. And that will helps you to speed up your laptop.

5.Virus Scan

If we compare windows 10 with other Operating systems. Windows 11 has much more Viruses and malware. Because it is one of the common OS and uses everyone and hackers try to make more and more malware. Some virus runs all the time in the background and its slows down your laptop.

The solution is simple you should use windows defender default windows 11 antivirus that will help you to stay protected. You can use another antivirus like Avast or Norton etc.

6.Dispaly Management

As you know windows 11 Graphics is more accurate. And the start menu is attractive. And The Start menu Transparency More is More effective But it consumes more power and resources. You can turn it off that will help your laptop to run faster.

  • Go to the Setting (Windows+i)
  • Select Personalization
  • Select Colors
  • And Turn off Transparency
speed up hp windows 11 laptop

7. Reduce Boot-Time

This is one of the other factors that will help you to speed up your laptop. Then you Turn on your Windows 11 laptop the boot menu is displayed for a certain amount of time before the operating system loads. That gives more time to do things like start Windows in Safe Mode. You can shave a few seconds off your startup time by changing the boot menu time-out, which is set to 30 seconds by default. You can Follow the setting.

  • Go to System Properties and select the System Protection
  • Now select the Advance and go to setting
  • In the Menu you set up it as you went.
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8. Use the Best Power plan

In windows 11 there is an option which is called the power-saving setting. And when it’s on this can save the battery of your laptop. And at the time when your laptop has a power-saving option on your laptop have minimum resources. as a result, it runs slow you can fix it and turn off power saving mode to full more that will help you to speed up windows 11 laptop.

  • Go to control Panel
  • Hardware and sound
  • Power option
How to Make My HP Laptop Faster Windows 10? Quick Guide

9. Restart Laptop

Sometimes you run your laptop and some programs stored into RAM. And you can’t turn it off and just close the screen and keep running carry with you in the bag. As a result, the Temporary files stored and cache and RAM  and your laptop become slow. We recommended you to Restart your laptop once in a week that will free up more space and deleted autocratically Temporary files and your laptop become more speed up.

10. Upgrade Hardware

After following all the above settings and setup. In the end, if your laptop has still slow then you can up grated the Hardware. Because your laptop has minimum hardware specifications and you should upgrade it. You can use SSD at the place of HDD. Upgraded your RAM up to 8 GB with DDR3 or Above. And your laptop should have a Good Processor which can give better speed and performance.


You can Make Your HP Laptop Faster Windows 11 with these steps. First of All, You need To Upgrade RAM, if you Have 4 GB RAM you can get more than 4 GB For better performance. Another Method is to Restart the laptop, which will Free Up more RAM to speed up your laptop. And Disable all the auto Start Programm can increase the laptop boot speed and performance. Some time Un-necessary Programm Become a Burden for your laptop, you should uninstall the Unnecessary program at a time to make more free space for other applications. These are the Possible methods by following you can Speed up your HP windows 11 laptop. Thanks!

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