9 Methods How To Improve Extend Battery Life Of A Laptop

Laptops come with different battery capacities. Some laptop comes with Good Battery which will give you amazing backup. And another one comes with an average battery backup. Here We are Going to Talk about 9 Methods How to Improve Extend Battery Life Of A Laptop?

A laptop battery is a vital piece of technology that allows you to use your laptop for over an hour while plugged in too, and it’s charging side by side. Battery life is a very important aspect when purchasing a new laptop.

The battery life of a laptop comes in different sizes. If you are thinking to buy a new laptop, you should pay attention to the battery capacity.

How to Improve Extend Battery Life Of A Laptop

How To Improve Extend Battery Life Of A Laptop

Are you looking to improve extend the battery life of a laptop? Don’t Worry here we will share with you the best way to improve the battery life of a laptop. These are the steps that you can follow. And this will helps you to improve the battery life of a laptop, and your laptop gives you better battery backup too.

  1. Usage
  2. Screen brightness
  3. Unplug un-necessary peripherals
  4. Power setting
  5. Use SSD instead of HDD
  6. Setup up tings
  7. Don’t Keep all Time charging
  8. Second battery for Backup
  9. Use Internal GPU

1. Usage

This is one of the major factors in laptop battery backup. Usage allows your laptop’s battery to deal for a long time or it gives you short battery backup. For example, you are a normal user and use your laptop for browsing, watching videos, or doing daily tasks.

Then it’s doesn’t give you any problem. If you are a hard-core user like plays games, video editing. etc. then you can’t imagine a long-life battery. Because it consumes more power and your battery drain easily.

2. Screen brightness

As Processor Consume more power, in the same way laptop screen also consume power. And some laptop comes with a bigger and brighter screen that cause drain battery. And such kind of laptop is a hunger for the battery. Here We will talk about Screen brightness.

Laptops can have very different screen voltages. Laptops can have a maximum screen brightness of 300cd/m², but some models offer a lower maximum brightness. It has a dynamic contrast ratio of 1,000 to 1.

Laptops often have superior battery life, but the compromise is that the screen brightness usually needs to be set low to conserve power.

If you went to use the laptop for a long time, then you should Slow down the Screen brightness. Once you dim The Display this will use low power and at the end, your laptop gives you better battery backup so follow the setting to Dim the Display Brightness.

3. Unplug unnecessary peripherals

When you are using a laptop, you connect different devices to your laptop. And this helps you in multitasking. For example, you are working on a laptop and then you connected it to your LCD. Or you are using different devices connected to the laptop.

This consumes more power. Because when The Devices are running it’s using some power of your laptop and at the end, it’s Drain your laptop Battery. So keep it mind that when devices is not used try to disconnect to the laptop. This will help you in Get more battery backup. And your laptop runs a long time with Greater battery backup.

4. Power setting

Normally in a laptop, there are two power options. And you can change the power option according to your requirements. Windows allows you to modify existing programs without having to create new ones. Windows has power plan options available in the Power Options window of the control panel.

These power plans automatically adjust your laptop’s power settings profiles. You can create a power plan that meets your needs using the control panel. This panel shows the manufacturer’s recommendation which balances performance and consumption for your model.

This page also contains the Power Saver mode and a high-performance option. Each set represents a set of settings you can save, including the time to turn off the display and when to put it to sleep.

How To Improve Extend Battery Life Of A Laptop [Windows 10]

In Windows 11 you can access it in the control panel. And you set up the option as you Require. There are two options.

Balance: This Provides you Best performance But you can’t get more battery backup

Power Saver: This allows your laptop to consume low power with limited performance and speed.

5. Use SSD instead of HDD

As you know There are two types of Storage that are famous for laptops. One is HDD and the other is SSD. HDD uses Disks like DVDs and its stores data into these magnetic plates. And as a result, it consumes more power while running your laptop and you can note that a laptop with HDD has not a good battery backup.

On the Other side. While you are using a Laptop with SSD, you will get greater battery backup. Because SSD is designed with smarter and Low power consuming Storage Devices. And this Drive uses Integrated Chip, which gives you the best speed and low power consumption. And you will get a longer battery backup of your laptop.

6. Setup up things

When you turn on your laptop. In the background, there are different applications that run automatically. The more applications run in the background, your laptop will consume more power. So your first try should be to keep your laptop clean from bad software and applications.  Some applications are necessary and some are unnecessary. And you should keep an eye on unnecessary applications.

And uninstall them or turn them off automatically start.  By following these steps you can turn off automatically start applications. And make sure that the software that you are not using, try to uninstall them. That will make more speed and battery backup too.

How To Improve Extend Battery Life Of A Laptop [Windows 10]
  • Open task manager.
  • Click on Startup.
  • Click the application that will not run autocratically while you are using laptop.

(But you can run it manually when you need the application. It will only turn off the auto startup application.)

  • Click on Disable.

7. Don’t Keep all Time charging

Once your laptop is charged fully you should unplug it. Most peoples keep their laptops charging while the laptop battery is fully charged. That will affect the battery backup of your laptop. Or in some cases, your laptop starts heating more. And at the end, you will get low battery timing. So you should keep in mind that once your laptop is charged fully make sure that you disconnect it from the charger.

8. Second battery for Backup

If you went more battery backup and your laptop has a low mAH power battery. Then it becomes a problem for you. And all the time you are trying to charge the laptop. There is one simple solution.  You can buy a second battery for your laptop that will help you in most cases.

You can carry it with you anywhere. And once your laptop battery will low you can change it to the second battery backup. You can find different External batteries from Laptop stores. And honestly, this will helps you.

9. Use Internal GPU

After the CPU performance. The second one comes from GPU. This provides you graphic performance while you are doing some 3D work like gaming etc. and if your laptop has an External GPU/ dedicated Graphic card. Then you can’t imagine a good battery backup. Because GPU needs more battery power and in the end, you will face the problem of low battery backup.

If you went long battery backup for your laptop then decently you should move to the internal Graphics card rather and then buy a laptop with an External Dedicated Graphic card.  And it’s up to you which one you went to buy.


Do you Want to Improve The Battery life of a laptop? the Solution is Very simple. There are different methods that you can follow to improve the Battey life of a laptop. The first method is to install SSD instead of HDD.

The SSD consumes less power and you will get major changing in speed and battery performance too. and on The other side, you can set your windows 11 to consume less power and it will Safe the Battery up to 40%. and In This article, we share with you 9 Different Methods that you can follow to improve the battery of your windows laptop.

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