How To Unlock Mouse On Laptop [Detailed Guide] 2022

We are Here to Guide you How to Unlock Mouse on laptop. Unlocking your mouse on a laptop, or just gaining access to unlock one that you have forgotten the password to, is not as hard as some may think. Some people think that it’s impossible, but with these simple steps, you will unlock your mouse for sure!

Laptops come with all kinds of different locks on their optical mouses nowadays for security for when you’re on an airplane or in a public place. If you’ve ever lost your password, don’t worry! there is always another way to unlock it so that you can access your mouse again!

As many of us who own laptops know, there’s oftentimes a situation in which the mouse is a little difficult to maneuver. This usually occurs when you’re watching a movie or typing an email, and can be quite frustrating since it’s hard to do two things at once with one hand!

Well, today I’m going to show you how to unlock your laptop’s mouse so that you can move it around as you see fit! It’s an easy process with five simple steps, and I guarantee you that in less than a minute, your mouse will be unlocked and ready for use!

How To Unlock Mouse On Laptop

Method 1: Function Key:

How To Unlock Mouse On Laptop1

This is one of the easiest ways to unlock the mouse on your laptop. May laptops come with the function key. Where you can locate easily the Mouse touchpad button. By using them you can easily unlock the touchpad mouse button. And you can use the mouse easily.

  1. Locate the function key on your laptop keyboard
  2. Press and hold the function key and mouse touchpad at the same time.
  3. done!

Now you unlocked the mouse key easily. And this is one of the easiest and quick ways to unlock the mouse.

If your laptop doesn’t have the function key or if your laptop mouse touchpad still not working. Then you can follow method 2 and install or update the touchpad driver.

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Method 2: Driver Installing:

update driver of mouse

This is one of the most common methods that can be followed by anyone to fix this annoying problem. There might be a problem with the system drivers of your laptop. If you have any old USB mouse lying somewhere in your cupboard, try plugging it in to see if it works.

If it does, concentrate on updating the driver for your mouse. A simple update can bring back the sensitivity and functionality of your brand new mouse.

If your laptop has a touchpad and you are unable to unlock the mouse the don’t worry. I will show you this easiest method. By using them you can easily unlock the mouse pad. Let’s Start.

  1. First of all locate the model number of your laptop.
  2. You can find the model number of your laptop by (right click on my computer then click on properties). And then once you  find the model number of your laptop.
  3. Now you can search model number touch pad driver on the internet.
  4. Easiest way to find the touch pad driver is go to your laptop company website and locate your model and download the Driver.
  5. Install Them and enjoy
  6. Thanks!

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Method 3: Configuring Mouse:

This is a pretty straightforward method that can also be used to repair the mouse settings.

Open the “Device Manager” of your laptop and try clicking on each of the key parts of your system one by one.

device manager driver update

Here you will find the touchpad and mouse too. Where you can enable them or click on it and Update the Driver.

After you have checked every part, reboot your laptop and see if it has worked. If yes, then you will not need to go further.

Method 4: Rebooting in Safe Mode

If all else fails, reboot your system in safe mode and use the mouse there. This will solve the problem for you without doing any harm to your laptop or changing its settings.

However, this method may not be effective if you are using a wireless mouse as it works on battery power alone. Hence you might have to get out of your seat to switch it off temporarily if your mouse does not function properly while rebooting the system in safe mode.

But this is worth trying before contacting the technical support team of your operating systems manufacturer. They charge an arm and leg for fixing these kinds of problems!

Method 4: Buying New Mouse!

Lastly, if nothing works and you really need your mouse. Then use the money in your wallet to buy a new one! It might be quite an expensive option but it will surely work for you. And, if you are looking to save money then try buying a wireless mouse as they do not require charging and recharging often unlike their wired counterparts.

Final Words:

we show you how to unlock the mouse and keyboard on your laptop. The process for this varies from one brand of computer to another, but it is usually easy enough that even a beginner can do it themselves with just 5 minutes of research online.

In many cases, the keys are not locked by default and all you have to do is find them in the settings or preferences menu within your operating system.

So this was all about How To Unlock Mouse On Laptop! I hope that now you have got some idea on How To Unlock Mouse On Laptop. Conclusion paragraph: I hope you found this blog post helpful. If not, please feel free to share it. Thanks!

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