How To Reset Gateway Laptop Without Turning It On |7 Methods 2022

Are You Searching for a Reset Gateway laptop without turning it on? In this post, we will show you how to reset a Gateway laptop without turning it on.

A gateway laptop is a type of computer that can be used for a variety of purposes. They are often purchased by people who need a device that can do everything, from checking email to playing games. However, sometimes gateway laptops may start to act up and need to be reset. In this article, we will show you how to reset your gateway laptop without turning it on. Keep reading for more information!

What is the best way to reset a Gateway laptop without turning it on? It’s tough when your computer freezes or refuses to start up. You’ll need either an external keyboard, mouse and monitor.

This can be done through the BIOS or by removing and inserting a battery. We recommend that you try the first method first as it is much less invasive than removing and inserting a battery. If this doesn’t work, please go ahead and remove the battery from your laptop before continuing with these steps.

How To Reset Gateway Laptop Without Turning It On 7 Methods

How to Reset Gateway Laptop Without Turning It On?

1.Restore Gateway Laptop to Factory Settings in Windows

To Reset Gateway Laptop Without Turning It you may need to go into BIOS. If you can’t access BIOS by holding the DEL key while starting up the computer, you’ll need an external keyboard and mouse. You can also do this on a laptop which is having windows 8 or above versions installed on it before doing any changes in its setting.

First of all plugin both the devices (external Keyboard & Mouse) with USB port of their laptops after changing the position of UEFI/BIOS switch placed close to the Battery compartment on some models.

Next, Reset Gateway Laptop Without Turning It start your laptop using   Boot Menu(F12 while starting) option present at the motherboard’s boot section. Once you are inside Boot menu select “UEFI Firmware Settings” from there if you’re having win 8/8.1/10 or the “BIOS Setup” option if your laptop is equipped with old version of windows.

Now again go to Boot Menu and select “USB Storage Devices”(if mouse & external keyboard are USB) or select CD-ROM drive option to boot from Operating System’s installer disc which contains the software for resetting your Gateway Laptop.

Once at welcome screen of installation wizard, click on Next button followed by clicking on Repair your computer link present in bottom left corner of next window.

This will take you to either Automatic Repair(if UEFI setup has been detected) or Advanced options(if BIOS settings have been detected). That’s all, The gateway laptop should restart after a while and will now be restored to its factory settings.

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2.Quick Way To  Reset Gateway laptop in Windows Repair:

Step 1: Make sure you have the power source of the laptop.

Step 2: Now boot your laptop by pressing F2,F12 key or by restarting your system. If you want to reset through windows 10/7 & 8 so follow step 3 otherwise skip step-3 and go for step 4

Step 3: You will see different option, now select the last one which is “repair your computer”. After clicking on it you will a new window. Now click on “Troubleshoot”

Step 4: Now choose the “Advanced options” and then click on “Command Prompt”.

Step 5: In command prompt type “wmic useraccount where name=’your account’ delete”

Or just copy the below line into command prompt window and press enter key.


Step 6: Now it will ask for administrator confirmation,click on yes.

Step 7: Reboot you system and you are done. Now your account is deleted from system. Please take back up of all data before resetting the laptop to its original setting, because everything will be delete during this process.

3,Reset Password from BIOS:

For resetting Windows password from BIOS, you’ll have to use an external keyboard plugged into the USB port of the laptop.

To go into BIOS press DEL key repeatedly after powering on your Gateway Laptop . Once inside, press F9 for entering system Setup Menu followed by selecting System Configuration option present in left side of next window.

This will take you to a list having options like Boot sequence, SATA Operation, etc., Go down & click on the “Change Password” option given under the Exit menu and follow instructions displayed on-screen for resetting your Windows password without any trouble.

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4.How To Reset a Gateway Laptop Without Turning it On (BIOS)

To reset a Gateway laptop without turning it on, you’ll need to use either an external keyboard and mouse or plug your laptop into an external monitor. 

First of all insert the USB device(external Keyboard & Mouse) as mentioned above, if you have not done so already. Now press and hold down the Power button/switch for at least one minute. This should cause your Gateway Laptop to shut down completely.

If this does not happen, go ahead and press it until your computer turns off. Next, turn the power back on while holding SHIFT key . This will allow you inside the BIOS menu.

Press F9 for entering system setup followed by selecting the first option named ‘System Configuration’. Clicking on the Change Password link under Exit Menu present on the right side of the main BIOS menu will reset the password and allow you to sign in without getting any error.

5.Reset laptop with System Recovery tool:

There are many ways to reset your laptop to factory setting, but the most effective way is to use the System Recovery tool. This is a pre-installed Windows application that can be used to restore your laptop to its original state.

To use the System Recovery tool, you will need to have your laptop’s product key and recovery media.

To create recovery media, you will need a blank CD/USB or DVD and access to a working computer. Once you have created the recovery media, you will be able to use it when needed. With this in mind, please note that your laptop must be plugged into an outlet before trying to perform any System Recovery tasks.

To begin the process, restart your laptop and press the F11 key repeatedly until you see the Windows logo.

From here, you will be prompted to choose your language and keyboard layout. After doing so, you will be taken to the System Recovery Options screen.

From this screen, you will want to select “Use a device” and then choose your recovery media. Once you have done this, the System Recovery process will begin.

During the process, your computer will restart several times. Please be patient and do not turn off your computer or remove the recovery media.

Once the process is complete, you will be taken to the Windows 10 desktop. You can now start using your laptop again.

6. Reset laptop with System Recovery with out CD:

  • -Turn on your laptop.
  • -As soon as you see the Gateway logo, press and hold the Alt key.
  • -While holding the Alt key, press the F10 key.
  • -Your laptop will restart and you will see a screen that says “System Recovery.”
  • -Use the arrow keys to select “Yes” and press Enter.
  • -Your Gateway will reinstall the factory image and you will be asked if you want to install any drivers, select “No.”
  • -After it’s done loading, select “Exit without booting” on your laptop.

7.Reset laptop with Factory Image Restore:

  • -First you need to find out which version of Windows you have installed on your laptop.
  • -Turn on your laptop and look at the bottom right corner of your screen for a Windows icon, with some lettering next to it.
  • -If there is no Windows icon or the lettering is very faint, then it’s probably not a Gateway computer. If you are unsure which version you have, refer to the owner’s manual for help.
  • -Press and hold your Fn key as soon as you see the Gateway logo. While holding the Fn key, press F2.
  • -The Windows key is located below the space bar on most keyboards and has a flag symbol on it. It may also say “Microsoft” next to it.
  • -You will now see the System Recovery screen.
  • -Use the arrow keys to select “Yes” and press Enter.
  • -Your Gateway will reinstall the factory image and you will be asked if you want to install any drivers, select “No.”
  • -After it’s done loading, select “Exit without booting” on your laptop.

Final Words:

Conclusion paragraph: It is important to know how to reset your gateway laptop back to its factory settings. If you are experiencing issues with the software then it may be that there is a problem on the operating system, or something more complicated like malware that needs removal.

The easiest way for this would be by taking advantage of Gateway’s “Recovery and Reinstallation CD/DVD Creation Toolkit (CD Version)” which can help restore your computer quickly and easily! You should also reset your router as well so any security vulnerabilities in the device will not affect other devices on your network.

For best results, we recommend using an Ethernet cable because Wi-Fi signals sometimes interfere with one another and cause problems such as dropped connections.

The process of resetting your laptop to its factory setting is simple and can be done in a few easy steps.  In order to do this, you need to know the password for the administrator account on your computer. This will allow you access to all areas that are restricted from general users or guest accounts.

Once you have logged into the administrator account, go ahead and click “Start,” followed by clicking on “Control Panel.” Next, find an option called “System” under Control Panel’s Category section and select it. On the System Properties window that appears next, look for an option labeled “Restore” with a drop-down box below it containing several different options including one simply titled “Factory Settings”. Thanks For Reading!

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