How To Put A Key Back On A Laptop | Step By Step Guide

How to put a key back on a laptop: this is a common problem that laptop users have. people sometimes accidentally remove the key on their laptops by pressing it too hard or not knowing about the problems they can get when removing it.

This can be frustrating especially if you’re using your laptop for work and you need the key to type in some information that shouldn’t be available to everybody else.

Don’t worry, though, because you are going to find out how to put a key back on a laptop with only simple tools that are usually already found inside everyone’s home.

Tools Needed:

  • screw driver set
How To Put A Key Back On A Laptop

What Will You Do To Put A Key Back On Laptop?

The first thing you should do is to locate your laptop’s keyboard. Make sure to identify the specific area where the key came off so that you’ll know what kind of key it is, whether it’s an alphanumeric key or a cursor key.

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How to Put Removable keys Back on laptop?

carefully slide them back under their proper slots. If they’re not detachable, use any adhesive tape available to put back the missing keys in place. Let the material dry before putting the laptop keyboard back into its position. You may also apply Super Glue if you want to be extra careful that your keys will never budge again.

1. Look for the specific area where the key came off. This will help you identify the type of laptop key that you need to replace, like whether it’s an alphanumeric key or a cursor key.

2. Remove the other keys around your missing laptop key for safekeeping and identification purposes, especially if you’re unsure which one came off (e.g., does this look like an “S” or a “5?”). You can also compare your laptop’s keyboard with our image gallery below to determine what kind of replacement key you should use.

3. Line up your new spare laptop key with its slot on your laptop keyboard and carefully press it into place. Make sure that it fits perfectly in its slot before gluing/attaching it.

4. If the key is detachable, use any adhesive tape available to put back the missing keys in place. Let the material dry before putting your laptop keyboard back into its position.

 You may also apply Super Glue if you want to be extra careful that your keys will never budge again. Place a small amount of glue on each key and leave it to dry overnight, then assemble your laptop as usual.

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What if the keys Are not Removeable? How to put them back on laptop?

1.Turn off Laptop:

Make sure to turn off your laptop before you start working on it

Pull out Screws:

take the screwdriver and pull out all screws that are under the key you want to bring back. there are usually four small screws under each key, so be careful when taking them out in order not to lose any of them. after removing the screws put the rubber or plastic tabs that were over the screws into their place. this will prevent them from getting lost easily while putting back your laptop key

Un-Cover the Back

flip your laptop upside-down with its screen facing down towards the floor, then take a flat object like a credit card and slide it between the keyboard keys in order to release the glue which holds them at their places. after doing this for every one of the keys that you want to bring back, put them one after the other into their places and then press on them.

Understand Where to Put key

before putting the last key of your laptop keyboard, take a look at it from underneath and see if there are still some nails or screws left in its place. if so, remove these extra pieces from your laptop, put your key in its place and insert all remaining nails/screws back where they came from when your laptop was new.

now put all the screws that were under the key you just replaced in their correct places and screw down your laptop.

after following these instructions you will successfully have changed a laptop key back because the glue should keep it in its place without moving around too much.

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How to Fix the Spacebar Key that has Fell Off the Keyboard:

Have you dropped, stepped on or bent the space bar key off of your laptop keyboard? Do not throw away your keyboard. Here is a quick and easy way to fix the problem without having to replace the whole keyboard.

1) Gather all items needed for repair: small Phillips screwdriver, some super glue (or equivalent), 2 new keys cut from clear plastic sheeting, paper clip or safety pin to lift up old key.

2) Open your laptop and remove the battery pack and any other screws that hold down the keyboard bezel. Use a small Phillips screwdriver to carefully open up three areas holding down the bezel where each model varies in location: one between keys “F” and “J”, another between “Q” and “W”, and between “Z” and “X”.

3) Carefully pry the bezel off by inserting a flat tool such as a knife, credit card, or putty knife underneath. Gently lift up the bezel to release hidden clips. You will then see under your keyboard exposed ribbons that attach the keyboard into place.

Use two fingers on each hand to gently pull out both ribbon cables at once holding down an area of the laptop where there is only one connector per cable. This step may require some patience for you lay back down any wires you pull up so they do not break or tear off from their connection points. If you have trouble, take your time and consult your owner’s manual for more details on how to release the keyboard.

4) Now you have access to the space bar key that fell off your keyboard. You can see what I mean when I say that taking apart a laptop or computer case is simple and fun if you go slowly and carefully. Just use common sense when working inside of any electronic device like this because electricity can kill you if you are not careful!

5) Pull up gently on the old key with pliers to remove it from underneath. At this point, take note if there are two plastic bars (spacers) glued together at top of where the key was located originally. If so, separate them with one hand while using a screwdriver in another hand to pry open spaces between spacers,

which will make gluing the new keys easier. If you do not separate spacers, then your new key may pop off again after installation if the glue is not strong enough to hold it after reassembly.

6) With the old key completely removed, lay down new clear plastic spacer bars on the keyboard along the top of where each bar belongs—one for the space bar and one for the “Caps Lock” key (if applicable). Here’s why you must put them back in place with superglue:

You will need something to hold up newly glued keys once they are set; otherwise, the key will fall right out because there is nothing underneath holding it up! A paper clip or sewing pin can both work as great tools to keep new keys perfectly upright until they dry completely.

7) Glue new keys into a place where spacers reside. Use only a drop of superglue (or equivalent) on each space bar key and cap lock key (if applicable). If you can not see the area well enough to use your hands, make sure you have good lighting or try using a magnifying glass for better vision.

Now put it all back together, pop in battery pack plus any screws that hold down the bezel and keyboard, and enjoy your laptop again!

CRASH NOTE: If this quick fix does not work after reassembly—and worse still, you lost one or both spacers somewhere inside the laptop case—then take apart the case once more but this time you should replace the whole keyboard assembly with a new one. It will be more cost-effective to replace with a new keyboard rather than paying somebody else to fix your old one.


These were the steps and references to how to put a key back on a laptop. If your laptop has Removeable keys then it’s pretty easy to put them back. And if your laptop doesn’t have the Removeable keys, and all the keyboard is combined, then you can Disassemble the laptop and put the key back on the laptop.

 It is essential that we should always learn how to keep our laptops in good shape for long life and usefulness. If you find these tips helpful, feel free to share the information with your friends too! Thanks for reading this article on ‘how to put a key back on a laptop’. Hope you enjoyed it!

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