How to Get a Stripped Screw-Out of a Laptop | Full Guide 2022

Here We are going to Talk about How to Get a Stripped Screw-Out of a Laptop? A laptop’s screws can be delicate, so if a screw is stripped out, you may not know how to remove it without damaging the notebook. You can purchase a Dremel to drill a small hole into the head of the screw.

to Get a Stripped Screw-Out of a Laptop, Once you find the strip, carefully apply pressure, but don’t exert too much pressure, otherwise, you may damage your notebook. If the screw is stuck, you can try to pry the laptop apart using a thin piece of rubber or elastic band.

How to Get a Stripped Screw-Out of a Laptop

When a laptop screw is stripped, you need to take extra care to prevent any further damage. Using needle-nose pliers can be especially helpful for this.

It will help you grasp the entire head of the screw, so you can remove it easily. If regular screw-extracting pliers can’t reach the screw head, you can use aluminium foil or superglue to pull it out.

If the screw is stripped, you need to know how to remove it without damaging the screw. A Dremel will help you remove the stripped screw from your laptop. It will not cause any damage to the threads.

If the stripped screw is removed by a primal, the plastic is not affected. You can then replace it with the new one. But you should be careful not to damage the plastic case.

How to Get a Stripped Screw-Out of a Laptop

Use Screw Separating Forceps tool

If you don’t have a screw extractor, you can purchase a set of screw-separating forceps at a tool store. These screw-extracting forceps are useful tools that will easily remove a stripped laptop’s screw.

A piece of aluminium foil or rubber band will also work well for removing a stripped laptop’s screws. If you cannot find the proper tools, you can also try superglue.

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Drill Out

Another method to remove a stripped screw is to drill out the screw. This method is the last option, but should only be used when all other methods have failed. While it will ruin the threads on the laptop, it may be the only solution. Make sure that the size of the drill bit is slightly smaller than the size of the screw. Using a metal drill bit, make a shallow impression on the screw head. If the first technique doesn’t work, try the next one, and repeat if necessary.

Try Different Screw Drivers

You should use a different screwdriver for your laptop. The screw is recessed in the laptop, so a larger one will be able to reach the head. If you cannot find a screwdriver with a large enough diameter, you should use a small one.

A larger screwdriver will work better for this type of screw. However, you should not use too much force when removing a stripped screw from a laptop.

There are many ways to remove a stripped screw from a laptop, but the first method is not recommended. Older laptops can be difficult to repair. Fortunately, you can use a small drill bit to remove the stripped screw and then replace it with a new one.

If this doesn’t work, you can use a rotary tool to unscrew the screw. It is best to use a specialized screwdriver for this purpose.


If the screw is small enough, you can use a pair of needle-nose pliers to remove it. Be careful, though, because the laptop’s screws are recessed and therefore difficult to get out.

If the screws are large, you might have to use a different kind of tool. A hammer will work for this type of screw, while a flathead plier will work for a smaller one.

If the laptop has a screw that is stripped, you can try to use a fine-nose plier. You must be careful because the screw is delicate and may be damaged by a heavy-duty metal bit.

If this happens, you’ll need to use a screwdriver with a fine-nose plier. Afterwards, you’ll have to use a new one.

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