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How to Find Model Number Of HP Laptop? HP laptops have a sticker on the underside of the casing that displays the model and serial numbers. The number is in the canter and preceded by “S/N.” This can be a useful guide if you don’t have the label. If you don’t have this information, you can type the HP product number into the Command Prompt. You should see the number in the middle of the screen. If you don’t have this sticker, simply press F1 or F10 to find the number.

Find HP laptop Model Number Using Box Detail:

In order to locate the model number of HP laptop, you must find the product label. Usually, this is located at the bottom of the machine, underneath the battery compartment. If you don’t have the serial number, you can search for it in the Control Panel by using the “Control Panel” option. You will need to enter the SKU number to get the serial number of the laptop.

The serial number is found under the “Product” label. This is an important part because it allows you to identify your computer. Moreover, this will make the service process faster and easier. This method is effective when you need to find a specific serial number of HP laptop. It is also possible to locate a serial number of another model from the same manufacturer.

Once you have the serial number of the HP laptop, you can check the information about your machine on HP support website. Alternatively, you can try to locate it by right-clicking the “computer” icon on the desktop and typing “msinfo32”. This command will open the Windows System Information utility that contains the model of your computer. The model number is listed below the serial number, so it is advisable to look for it before trying to find the serial number of your machine.

3 Methods How To Find Model Number Of HP Laptop

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How To Find Model Number of HP Laptop Using Command Prompt?

You can also use a command prompt to find the model number of your HP laptop. The command prompt is an administrative window and you should use it as such.

 While the HP serial number may not be on the label, you can find it through a command prompt. The command prompt is located in the taskbar beside the Start menu.

To open the Command Prompt, type “cmd” and press enter. After that, the computer will display the serial number of your HP laptop. The HP serial number is a unique identifier of your laptop. It is also used to identify which HP product it is and when it was manufactured.

You can find the HP laptop serial number if you do not have the label on the front. You can also find the serial number by using the windows management instrumentation command line.

You can simply type the below command in CMD and press enter.


Once you open the CMD you can type WMIC in The CMD and This will Show the model Number of your HP laptop. The WMIC will display the serial number of your computer. After that, you can try the other methods to find the model number of HP laptop. Then, the serial number will show up on your computer and you’ll know which HP product you’ve got.

How to Find Model Number of HP laptop in BIOS:

In order to find the serial number of HP laptop, you should first open the BIOS settings. By pressing the F10 key, you can enter the BIOS settings menu. There, you can look for the HP serial number. You can also test the HP driver with the help of the HP support assistant. This tool helps you to install the driver for your HP laptop. The serial number is the first thing you’ll need in order to download and install the necessary drivers.

Once you have found the HP serial number, you need to enter it in the Command Prompt. If the WMIC command is not working, you may need to test the BIOS by pressing the F10 key. Afterward, click on the UEFI firmware to test the Windows registry to see if you can access it. Once you have the correct serial number, hit the F10 key.

Final Words:

In This article, we share with you Top 3 methods that you can use to find the Serial Number of HP laptops. The first method is that you can make sure that you have the Box of The HP laptop where you can locate the serial number.

And the other method is by using the command prompt and you find the serial number of the HP laptop. Simply open the CMD and enter this command “WMIC CSPRODUCT GET NAME”, and this will show you the model number.

The latest method is in the BIOS. You can use The BIOS to get the full detail of the HP  laptop and find the model number. Once you start the HP laptop press the boot key and where you will get the system info and you can find easily the model number of the HP laptop. We hope you get the answer to your question. Thanks!

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