How To Factory Reset ASUS Laptop Windows 11 Full Guide

Are you searching for How to factory reset ASUS laptop then don’t need to worry about it. Here we will share with you a full step-by-step guide on how to factory reset an ASUS laptop.

Resetting the Asus laptop is an easy task as compared to reinstalling its operating system again and again. Don’t need to worry, here we will share all possible methods for ASUS laptops factory reset. Desktop computer, as well as laptop computers, has the capability of storing their systems settings in a special memory chip called CMOS BIOS.

By using these methods users can easily reset their ASUS laptops without reinstalling Windows 11 OS again and again. This process may take some time depending upon your PC’s configuration so please be patient while performing it.

How To Factory Reset ASUS Laptop

What is ASUS factory reset?

 as you know ASUS produce laptop, desktop pc, and other computer-related things. as a company, they provide so many services to their customers like a service center, after-sale service, etc. but there is also one more service for ASUS customers i.e ASUS factory reset.

if you forget your Windows 11 password or want to sell your ASUS laptop then don’t worry because here we will guide you on how to do an ASUS factory reset with detailed information. this tutorial has two different methods one is hard reset using a flash drive and another one is using an external DVD writer. both method just requires a few minutes and you can easily follow them without any professional knowledge.

so let’s start…

As we all know that ASUS Company also provides ASUS Factory Reset as a service for their customers. If you want to sell your ASUS laptop or reset your ASUS laptop password then there is only one solution to it and that is ASUS factory reset.

if do an ASUS factory reset then all personal data get deleted from the ASUS laptop. so it is recommended before selling your ASUS laptop or resetting your ASUS laptop password, you first backup your important files on another drive.

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How To Factory Reset ASUS Laptop?

To Reset ASUS laptop to factory Setting Fortunately, there are two ways available to do an ASUS factory reset. one way is hard reset using a Setting and another way is via Boot Menue. Both methods are easy and can be done by anyone without any professional knowledge. All the methods explained below will work on ASUS laptops.

1. Reset Using Setting

To Reset ASUS laptop using windows 11 Setting,

  1. Search Setting in Search Bar of Windows 11 or you can open the setting by Pressing Windows+i Buton
  2. In The setting Click on Recovery Setting
  3. Then in Menue click on Reset PC
how to facetory reset asus laptop windows 11 Part 1

4. YOu will see two Options for Reseting.

The first option is to Keep files. (This will keep all the installed software Safe on your windows 11)

The second option is to Remove Everything. (This will Erase Everything and install Windows 11 To Default Setting)

Click on Remove Everything. and This will Take some time and Your laptop Will Restart Several time. and then you will get the Fresh Windows 11 to Default Factory setting on the ASUS laptop.

how to facetory reset asus laptop windows 11 Part 2

2. Using Boot Menue

To Reset the ASUS laptop to the Factory setting another Best Method is to Reset the laptop Using the boot menu. to Reset Asus laptop Using the boot menu follow these steps.

  • Restart Your laptop While it’s Starting Up with the windows 11 Logo Press F9.
  • it will show the Below Screen Windows Box. Select the Troubleshoot Option.
  • (if You are not getting This windows Box using F9 then you can Turn on the laptop and Hold the Power button on the laptop while its turns off suddenly. repeat this method twice and it will show The below screen).
how to facetory reset asus laptop windows 11 Part 1A
  • Now Click on Reset This Pc.
how to facetory reset asus laptop windows 11 Part 2A
  • in The next windows box and select Remove Everything. (This will Erase your C drive and you will get Fresh windows 11).
how to facetory reset asus laptop windows 11 Part 3A
  • Now click on the Local reinstall Option.
how to facetory reset asus laptop windows 11 Part 4A
  • The final step is to Click on the Reset Option
how to facetory reset asus laptop windows 11 Part 5A

After completion of the ASUS factory reset process, your ASUS laptop will restart automatically, if it doesn’t work then manually restart your ASUS laptop. once restart is complete then go to the desktop and enjoy working with Asia or the new ASUS model.

You can Watch This Video for a Detailed Procedure. Thanks


As you can see, the ASUS laptop factory reset is not as difficult as it seems. just follow the steps above and everything should go as planned. Just follows the Above steps to reset your ASUS laptop to Default Factory Setting.

In This article, we share with you two methods to to Reset ASUS laptops to default factory Settings. First method is by setting and the second method to reset ASUS laptop Through boot menu. We Hope you will Reset ASUS laptop to Factory SEtting now. Thanks!

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