How To Check Generation Of Laptop Windows 11 | Full Method

To Check the generation of laptop Windows 11, you must know how the CPU is. Intel processors are usually classified according to their clock speeds and generations, so knowing the generation will help you decide whether it is worth upgrading or not. Knowing the processor’s name will also help you decide whether or not it’s compatible with specific applications or games.  

How to Check Generation of Laptop?

How To Check Generation Of Laptop Windows 11

If you want to know the generation of your laptop, you can check its settings using the command prompt. You can do this through the File Explorer, the PC Properties, or Task Manager. These options can be helpful for determining the type of processor your laptop has. You can also find out the Intel processor generation by opening the CPU details or performance tab. Open the CMD prompt, press Windows key + E, and then typeset. Once you’ve found the processor’s generation, you can click on the ‘Apply’ button.

1. Using System Report

The first thing you should do is go to the System Reports window on your computer. You should be able to find the option ‘Processor Generation’. You can also open the Terminal window from the Applications -> Utility menu, or use the spotlight search option to find the program. After this, you should see the CPU name. You will be able to see the generation of the processor by looking at the numbers in bold.

Go To Windows Search Bar

Type “system information” and Hit Enter. you will get such kind Of detail About the System and processor Generation.

system information

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2. Through Properties

You can also check the processor’s generation by looking at its properties menu. This menu contains various details about the processor, including speed, number of cores, and more. The CPU’s generation can also be viewed in the control panel. If you don’t have a control panel for Windows, you can always check it through the desktop icon. This method works for both Windows and Mac OS. It will let you see the generation of your PC.

The next way to check the CPU’s generation is to open the Control Panel. Here, you can see the information regarding your laptop’s CPU generation. Moreover, you can also check the processor’s age by looking at its speed. It is also useful to check the motherboard’s processor’s age. This information can help you decide whether to purchase a new computer with a newer model or a new one with an older model.

Right Click on This PC and Then Go to properties.

System properties

3. Using Task manager

After you’ve plugged in your laptop, open the Task Manager and look for the CPU’s generation number. This number is the laptop’s generation. The generation is listed after “-” in both places. In Windows 11, you can check the CPU’s generation from PC properties and Task Manager.

This information is useful when you’re buying a new PC or brushing up on your computer knowledge. When buying a PC, you’ll want to know the Intel processor’s age.

The best way to determine the laptop’s generation is to open the Task Manager. Select “Devices” from the list. Click the Hardware tab.

This will display information about your PC’s processor, including the CPU’s generation. If your PC’s manufacturer specifies a specific chip, click the Details button. You’ll see the processor’s generation in bold letters. You can also use the Intel CPU to check the laptop’s generation.

Once you have the processor’s generation, you can go into Task Manager and see the details of the operating system. If the operating system doesn’t list it, you can try launching the Windows task manager.

The task manager will display details about the CPU’s speed, memory, and the types of programs and processes. From here, you can easily find out the generation of your laptop. When you have the information of the CPU, you can determine the model of the computer.

task manager

4. Using Control Panel

To check the processor’s generation, open the Control Panel window. Navigate to the System section. You will see the CPU’s serial code. It will be displayed as a series of numbers. Each digit is a digit in the serial number. This serial code will help you identify the generation of your laptop. If you have an older model, you can search the model number of your old model by referring to the website of the manufacturer.

5. Use Windows Search

You can also check the processor’s generation by using Windows’ search bar. You can type “system info” in the search bar. Then, select the “System” tab to view the details of your processor. The first digit of this series indicates the processor’s generation. The model number is located at the bottom of your laptop’s case. You can also check the processor’s generation on a desktop computer by using the find feature of the browser.

How to Determine The Processor Generation and Age?

Next, you can look for the processor’s age. The age of the CPU is called its generation. You can find the CPU’s age by checking the model’s name on its case or using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open the Task Manager.

Then, you can check the processor’s speed and generation by typing the number into the search bar. The model number will be displayed.

Next, you can view the processor’s age. In Microsoft Windows, the processor’s age is listed in the model number of the laptop. When you see a 7xxx, it means that it’s the 7Thgeneration of the computer.

For Example, if your Processor is Intel® Core™ i5-1240U Processor. Here i5 is Processor Series Model and the first digits of the Model show the Generation of the Processor. i Meas in 1240U first two Digits show that its 12th gen.

You can also check the laptop’s model number by opening Task Manager. In the Task Manager, you can see which applications are running and how much RAM and CPU are being used.

After selecting the model of the laptop, you can access the information of the processor. Its processor’s age refers to its age. There are many different ways to check the generation of a PC.

You can check the CPU’s frequency, power consumption, lithography, cache size, number of cores, supported instructions, RAM, and PCI-fast channel number. This will help you determine the performance of your computer.

Final Words:

In this article, We share with you How you can check the generation of laptops. To check the Generation of your laptop using windows 11 go to the My Computer and right-click on it. Then click on Properties. Then you will see the processor Model Number with the Generation. First Digits of processor Model Identify the Generation of your laptop Processor.

if your Processor is Intel® Core™ i5-1240U Processor. its shows that this processor is 12th gen. Here i5 is the Processor Series and 12(First Digit of Processor Model ) is the generation of your laptop. and Same you can follow on AMDs processor Models.

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