5 Methods How To Charge Laptop In Car ­­­[Ultimate Guide]

There are a number of ways to charge laptop in car, and depending on what type of vehicle you have it can be easier than you think. Most cars come with out-put ports that should be able to power up your computer, providing you use the correct adapters and connecting them to the right ports.

Unfortunately, not all cars will provide the same charging speeds so it’s likely that your battery won’t charge as quickly as if you were plugging it straight into the mains.

On average, a car is only able to provide around 10 watts of power. This means that if you have a laptop that requires more than 20 watts then it will not be fully charged when you get to your destination. This is particularly true for laptops with larger displays, which will require more power than smaller models like the 14” Dell Gaming laptops.

If you’re struggling to find a car that can charge your device, then there are some things that you can do to help improve matters. It’s likely that your car adapter will have two outlets so plug your device into the first one and use the second to charge an extra battery. This will allow you to have more power available, although it’ll take longer for everything to recharge. Another option would be to look at an adapter that has multiple ports so that you can plug in several USB cables at once.

If none of these options are viable then you can also consider buying a car charger for your laptop. This plugs into the car and connects to the bottom of your device via a USB port, providing more power than standard adapters. For some laptops, this is all that you’ll need to do in order to charge it while on the move, but for others, it will depend on what kind of battery they have.

If you want to charge your laptop in the car, the first thing you need is a good quality Car Charger. Reliable and decent-quality Car Chargers will give more comfort during the charging process. Before buying a Car Charger, Think first about what type of Laptop Are You Using. It’s not so hard to know that question though because most Windows laptops use a standard size plug for their power adapters.

How To Charge Laptop In Car

1.Power Bank:

laptop power bank

Given that you’ve forgotten your charger and you want to charge the laptop in the car, using a power bank is not such a bad idea. Here’s how it’s going to work.

If you have a laptop power bank with you then you can get a solution here. Please follow the instructions on how to charge a laptop with a power bank

  • Fetch your power bank and plug it in to the car’s r port.
  • Turn on the laptop and let it load completely.
  • Plug in your power bank into the laptop and let it charge until it turns off or goes to sleep mode.    

DONE! you have just learned how to charge a laptop using a power bank. Since most people don’t carry laptops with them, this is not such a bad idea.

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2.Best Method power inverter:

51wBDH+pUGL. AC SL1000

If you have a power inverter, plug it into your car. Take the adaptor that came with the power inverter and stick one end on to the DC input of your laptop and the other end on to either “110 volts” or “220-volt” switch depending on what kind of battery pack you have. Then, turn on the inverter. You can then plug your laptop cord into it to charge your laptop. Make sure you use a surge protector with this method because it could blow out if too much power is used at once.

This works for all laptops, but will not work on netbooks or ultraportable because they require more power input than an inverter with carr can provide.

If you have a plugin for the car, either car connector or DC connector, each comes with its own set of cables to use as an adapter for your laptop cord.

Simply put one end on the power source and the other end on your laptop’s “DC input” located near where the cord on your laptop plugs into the computer. Once you turn it on, your computer should be charging even though you are not plugged into a wall outlet. This may or may not work because some cars might have different power sources to the plugin.

3.Normal USB Charger:

71AKiORPXuL. AC SL1500

The first thing you want to do is make sure your laptop is fully off. Sometimes if it’s still running, the PC will confuse itself and not run the battery charger properly.

For laptops without an external power supply, use a USB charger designed for cell phones, which are all 5V DC at between 200-500mA (most are 5W, 1 Amp). If it’s 2 Amps, that’s fine too.

Plug the USB cable into the 5V DC socket of the USB charger and plug the other end into one of your laptop’s powered USB ports (if there are none, use a USB port on an external hub plugged into the laptop). Do not use any of the battery USB ports, only the AC-powered USB ports. Most modern laptops will not allow you to charge through any other port; they’ll sense power is coming from somewhere and assume it’s already got a charge and lock up that port.

If your laptop has a separate power brick (a box that normally sits near where you plug in the power cord), make sure it is fully unplugged before you do the above.

Plug the USB charger into one of your car lights sockets. These are 12V DC, and most will deliver 500mA (though they might deliver more).

Again, make sure your laptop is off, remove any power brick it may have, plug the USB charger into the car socket.

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4.Use a Car laptop charger:


It can charge a laptop when you are in the car. There are many chargers in the market but they do not provide good performance. You can try to use a car charger for your laptop. It is the best means to charge Laptop in the car.

You just have to connect the output port of your car with the power adapter, now start charging your laptop by plugging these two devices together. You need not worry about what type of power source you are using because it will automatically adjust to that of a car.

If you want to charge your laptop then just connect it with the charjing port and start charging your laptop, It is very easy to use a Laptop Charger in Car.

5.Universal USB Charger:

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Facing problems with your laptop battery and need a replacement or the chargers don’t work anymore? If you are looking for an alternative source to charge your laptop, which is not only cheaper but also safer, read this article. It tells how can you make use of your car to charge your laptop. I used to think that it would be impossible, but the reality is quite different.

Here are some steps helping you get an easy solution for charging your laptop in a car:

Step 1 – Get a universal USB charger converter that can convert 12 volts into 5 volts or whatever voltage your laptop requires.

Step 2 – Connect the charger to your car and plug it into an outlet, charge your laptop with this power source for at most one hour.

Final Words:

You can charge your laptop in the car while traveling by using these methods. In This Article, we share with you  How To Charge Laptop In Car. These methods work on All cards and by following them you can charge your laptop in the car while traveling. To charge your laptop in the car, try the tips above. They are safe and easy to follow. Thank you for reading!

We hope you found these methods to be helpful and we wish your travels were safe. If not, please let us know and we will do our best to find a solution for you!


Is There any Disadvantages of Charging laptop with Power bank?

There are some disadvantages of using a power bank, but compared to the cost of getting your laptop’s battery replaced, it’s really worth giving it a try.

  • Your laptop will get warm fast since it’s being charged really hard by the power bank
  • It might damage your laptop battery in the long run if you do this on a regular basis.

Can You Charge a Laptop with a Car Cigarette Lighter?

Actually No! you need a Separate Adapter that we mention above. By using them you can charge laptop on a Card.

Can you plug a laptop into a 12v outlet?

12v is too much voltage for a laptop charger to handle. So I guess there is no “expert” that will confirm that it’s safe. So the question remains, Is it OK to plug your laptop into a 12v.

Do laptops run on AC or DC?

Laptops run on DC. When we plugin adapter into our home circuit. Our home circuit is AC and the laptop charger converts AC into DC and then it goes to the laptop charging port. So laptop stat charging. And in Car, the Car laptop charger works on DC because actually the car has DC Voltages.

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