How Much Is My Laptop Worth [Laptop Price Value] 2022

You must be wondering how much is your laptop worth, right? Maybe you are selling it or maybe you want to know about its value for some other reason. Well, whatever the case may be, this article will prove beneficial to you in one way or another.

For those of you who are planning on buying a second-hand notebook computer very soon, or for those who went to sell their old laptop, here’s what you need to do – look at the specifications first. Then make a note of all the details like.

It’s no secret that laptops are the most popular and affordable PC. However, it’s not the case that they are worth every penny. The price of a laptop can vary from $200 to $15000 for the second-hand used laptop.

The laptop value guide helps you find out how much your laptop is worth by analyzing its performance and comparing it with other laptops in the same category.

How Much Is My Laptop Worth

What Are The Major Factor To Calculate The Laptop Value?

The laptop value is determined by these major factors:

1. Laptop Processor Speeds

2. Operating System versions

3. An amount of start-up memory (RAM) on the laptop computer

4. Amount of hard drive space on the laptop computer

5. Condition of your laptop computer or netbook

6. How old or new is it?

7. Other included hardware and software components on your laptop computer or netbook

8. Is there an installed DVD/CD-ROM drive on it? Do you have files saved onto disks that came with the laptop? Are they still playable on another device? If so, this will affect its value as well! The more you have for sale with your machine, the better.

Hardware section: This section deals with the hardware that you need to buy in order to get a laptop. The main section deals with the hardware that you will need for basic everyday tasks like browsing the internet, watching videos, and playing games. The other sections talk about the specific hardware needed for specific tasks such as gaming or productivity software like Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop.

Software section: This section covers software that you will need in order to run your laptop on a daily basis. It also covers software that is used by your operating systems such as Microsoft Windows or Apple’s Mac OS.

Note: As a general guideline, laptop computers made before around 2016 are considered obsolete and will have little to no resale value. Any laptops that date back further than that likely come with some hardware or software components that would not allow it to work properly on a modern Windows Operating System, such as your recently-purchased Windows 8.1. In addition, the older the laptop is, the more it’s going to cost you in repairs because replacement parts can be harder to find for these archaic computing devices!

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How to Evaluate Laptop Worth?

 1. What is the laptop model?

This is one of the major things that you should Determine. What is the laptop model? You can check the laptop model by Going to the laptop properties button in The setting or you can see the laptop box. That will help you to determine the laptop model number and the specification detail.

2. How old is it?

This is another major thing that we should go through. Because the latest model laptop is more expensive and you will get more speed and performance rather than the old model. So you should go through the laptop age. And it’s one of the major factors.

After you get all of these details, use them to find out what price tag your notebook should be carrying. Here are some more things you need to consider while finding out about its worth:

How much can I sell my used laptop for?

  If you are selling your computer on eBay or at a local retailer, then you will have an idea of its value. It’s always advisable that before selling your notebook online, try to get in contact with people who had previously sold theirs using similar methods. In general, a second-hand laptop that has been in use for over a year can be sold for about 30 to 50 percent of its original price.

For example, if the laptop originally cost $1,000 and you used it for about a month before selling it online, try to get at least 700 bucks out of it. This is usually how much people are willing to pay when buying from an unknown seller.

What’s my laptop worth?

 The components inside your computer will determine how much you should sell or buy it for. To find out what these components are and their individual value, go through this checklist:

  • Is there a DVD drive? If yes, then add another $25 to $40.
  • Is there a memory card slot? If yes, then add another $15 to $30.
  • Does it have a touch screen? If yes, then add another $50 to $80.

Think you’ve figured out what your laptop is worth now? Well, if you were hoping for a nice round number or even something close to that, well… Sorry! But the price will depend entirely on the components inside the computer and how many of them are actually working properly.

For instance, if your laptop has an Intel Core i5 processor installed in it along with 8 GB RAM plus Windows 10 Ultimate edition as its operating system, you can expect to get about double what you paid for it originally. In fact, all these components together can fetch you about $600 – $800 on Average.

However, if there are some problems with memory or laptop, it might be difficult to sell the laptop at that rate. Many customers know how much these components cost and won’t opt for a laptop that is not up to their standards. Therefore, you might end up getting less than what you expect.

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What’s my laptop Worth? How To calculate it?

 Manufacturers don’t give out information regarding the kind of hard drive they install in their computers. This is why many people find it difficult to find out whether their notebook has an internal storage device (HDD) or an external one (SSD). As far as market rates go, laptops with internal hard drives are a bit more expensive than external drives.

The same can be said for memory cards too – a laptop with a bigger RAM is always preferred over a smaller one. This doesn’t mean that customers won’t buy the latter, they just prefer getting more value for their money.

Therefore, if your laptop comes with larger RAM and an impressive processor, it might fetch you about $400 at the market rate. But If it has 8 GB RAM and a Core i3 processor, you should be able to get $100 more out of it easily.

So, these were some important points regarding how much is my laptop worth. And what’s its actual price? When buying: Look at the specifications and then decide on its price tag. On sale: Compare prices on various websites to be able to avail of the cheapest deal. When selling: Look at the market rates online first, then set your own price.


In This Article, We share with you a Detailed Guide about laptop value. You can calculate the laptop value by the major factors which are the laptop age, laptop generation, hardware specification, and the model of the laptop.

One of the biggest issues with laptops is that they depreciate really quickly, particularly if you’re buying a top-of-the-range laptop and not always needing all those features. So your best bet is to sell it on eBay, as you will probably get more for it than if you took it into any shops. You can enjoy working on eBay and find out how much is my laptop worth by checking out what similar sellers are getting for their items.

There are many sites or marketplaces where one can sell his/her second-hand laptop but the main criteria for picking up the right place should be its popularity among buyers, user-friendly layout, and ease of use. Thanks!

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