How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Laptop Keyboard [Updated]

In this Article, we Will Talk about How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Laptop Keyboard. The cost to replace laptop keyboards can be different, depending mostly on whether the replacement happens within the warranty period or once that has expired. The keyboard is also replaced in two ways: it could be either through manufacturers or by third-party companies.

Major Factors That Determine In Laptop Keyboard Repair Cost:

The primary factors that influence the cost of your laptop keyboard replacement are the type and model of laptop you own. The age, condition, and brand of your keyboard also play a role in determining repair costs. For example, Apple products tend to be more expensive than other brands like Toshiba or Asus laptops.

Other considerations include the location where your laptop was repaired (in-house by manufacturer or through mail-in service), warranty status on your laptop, whether you need additional parts replaced during the process (like touchpad), etc.

Additionally, some manufacturers might charge different rates for conducting repairs at their corporate locations vs an authorized retailer/service center location.

It is important to note that oftentimes OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) original equipment manufacturer parts are used in the replacement process, which means there might not be a significant difference in terms of product/parts quality between a third-party keyboard and a manufacturer keyboard.

If you decide to go with a manufacturer part, you can expect to pay higher prices because these parts are typically designed exclusively for that particular brand/model laptop.

Major Factors That Determine laptop keyboard Repair cost:

  • Remove and re-install laptop keyboard.
  • Repair or replace your laptop’s motherboard if it is damaged as well.

The most common factors that determine how much does it cost to repair a laptop with a broken or malfunctioning keyboard are:

Explanation 1: Damage Keyboard

Does the laptop have other damage?” “Do you need to replace any parts along with the keyboard? “Is there any software problem related to the broken screen, mouse pad, etc.? If so, what about those problems?” These questions will help establish an accurate price range for the replacement of your Laptop keyboard. The more complex the issues that go into making up a total number of problems with your Laptop; the better the chances of an accurate quote but also a higher final price tag.

Explanation 2: Replace

Do you have to remove and replace the laptop keyboard or can you just repair it?” “What type of laptop do you have? Is it under warranty or not?” If you decide to go with a replacement option, then how much time will it take for the company to order the required part from a manufacturer? How much time does your technician need to fix your laptop’s broken screen after its arrival from the OEM – if needed?

Explanation 3: Broken Keyboard

Is there any physical damage other than a broken or malfunctioning keyboard? Does this include cracked LCD screens as well as the dented casing that may cause irreparable damage which will require complete replacement of the computer’s entire body? The extent of cosmetic damages factors into price considerably.

Explanation 4:

Does your warranty cover replacement or repair of the malfunctioning keyboard? What is the coverage period, different models have their warranty periods set differently?

Explanation 5:

What are your upgrade/downgrade options? Are you allowed to choose cheaper components along with a warranty? Is this option available for town residents only or anyone anywhere in the country can take advantage of this policy?

Mechanical vs Non-Mechanical Laptop Keyboards:

The second major factor is whether your laptop uses a mechanical or non-mechanical keyboard. Mechanical keys don’t require additional pressure when depressed and have increased durability over non-mechanical alternatives.

While they might cost more upfront, mechanical keyboards tend to last longer than standard keypads. The average lifespan of a non-mechanical keypad will vary depending on factors such as keyboard usage and the average number of key presses.

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Laptop Keyboard

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Laptop Keyboard

No matter what choice you make, if your laptop’s motherboard has completely stopped working and its touchpad doesn’t work too well either; then chances are that it will require complete replacement of the computer’s entire body. The precise quote can be determined only after an inspection by technicians at your location.

The final price tag that goes into repairing a laptop keyboard depends on multiple as discussed above. There are dozens of other factors that determine the final cost of laptop keyboard replacement. Some include local taxes, mailing charges while others include costs that are not easily foreseen like shipping delays, holdups in receiving parts, etc.

There are many service providers across the country who offer professional screen repair services for all types of laptops right at your doorstep; however, they have to be contacted individually for accurate estimates. If you have a warranty claim with OEM then it is best to contact them directly because there can be multiple issues with your laptop and this will help determine if the motherboard problem has been caused by malfunctioning or broken keyboard or any other cause entirely.

In such cases, most companies go ahead and replace the entire computer’s body rather than individual components. Ask about their background information from your friends and family, before you choose one. Read reviews of previous clients too that can be available online.

Many companies provide free laptop keyboard replacement quotes over the phone; however, some require a technician visit to your location where he will inspect the computer first hand before finalizing on an estimate. Always ask for the warranty period (if any) which they offer on their services including parts and labor.

Some claim to fix even broken laptop screens but the availability of OEM parts is always a concern with them because it is not easily available everywhere. So make sure you go ahead with a service provider who has a wide network all across the nation so that your precious laptop can get fixed fast anywhere anytime nationwide!

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Cost To Replace A Laptop Keyboard At Dell?

Dell states that prices for this service are based on the type of service selected and the computer model. The company also points out that prices may vary according to geographical location. Repair costs differ from one region to another but are almost double if they are applied outside of the country where the owner lives or works. This suggests that language barriers, travel expenses, and other factors should be taken into account while considering repair options. A conservative estimate is that the cost to replace a laptop keyboard costs from $40 to as much as $80.

Cost To Replace A Laptop Keyboard At HP?

HP offers three different keyboard replacement options for an out-of-warranty HP notebook: As, Accidental Damage, and Carry-In. The As option costs around $45-$25, depending on the model of the computer and geographical location. Accidental Damage which is also called “Broken Key Removal” costs about the same, but it doesn’t cover any damage caused by physical abuse or spills. This option allows for the complete removal of all broken keys from the keyboard assembly. Finally, there’s the Carry-In option that can repair an affected key or two for a price of around $49-$79.

Cost To Replace A Laptop Keyboard At Apple?

Apple doesn’t offer prices for individual services, but the company suggests that a customer brings his or her faulty notebook to an authorized service provider for more accurate estimates based on the analysis performed by those technicians. “Generally, if you need your notebook serviced because one of its parts failed or isn’t working as expected, bringing or sending your notebook into an Apple Retail Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider is the best way to ensure you get the right service and support quickly.”

Cost To Replace A Laptop Keyboard At Lenovo?

Lenovo offers three different replacement options: Carry In with Accidental Damage Protection, Carry In, and Mail-In. The Carry-In with Accidental Damage Protection costs about $50 for most notebook models while the standard Carry In-service is priced at about $80. The Mail-In service starts at around $40 depending on the model of the computer.

Cost To Replace A Laptop Keyboard At Asus?

Asus offers three services: Asus Carry-In, Delivery Service, and Onsite Service. For most laptops carried in by customers, the company charges about 95 Euros or more plus tax for labor costs depending on the model of computer equipment. Prices are lower if the problems affect only one key instead of multiple keys on the keyboard. The Delivery Service drops the price significantly to 29 Euros per hour plus components needed for repair and then gets reimbursed for the same amount. Finally, Onsite Service prices depend on travel time and distance as well as related costs.

Cost To Replace A Laptop Keyboard At Acer?

Acer offers two different services: Carry In and Mail-In. The average service price is around $133 per hour plus parts needed for repair and other fees but this can vary depending on the model of equipment, geographical location, and severity of problems. The Carry-In option has an average cost of 69 Euros or more per hour depending on the model of a computer being serviced.

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Replacing a laptop keyboard on your own can save you money. However, there is a chance that the installation process might damage the old motherboard and cause even more problems. Therefore, it’s best to leave this job up to professional technicians at your local service center. Replacing a broken laptop keyboard will cost $20 – $80 on average With Repairing Costs.

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