What’s The Difference Between Laptop And Chromebook [Detailed Guide] 2022

The difference between laptop and Chromebook may seem small at first glance, but if you’re trying to decide whether or not you want one, it’s important that you know what each device can do. If this information seems overwhelming don’t worry – I’ve got your back! Here are just some of the key differences between laptops vs Chromebook so that you can make an informed decision about which device is best for your needs.

Both computers are lightweight, easy to carry, inexpensive, and have access to the Internet. But they are not the same, technologically speaking. Laptops are very popular these days because of the large variety of models and brands, but Chromebooks have recently been gaining momentum. With many people looking for a budget-friendly option to get online, here is an overview of what sets these two devices apart.

Difference Between Laptop And Chromebook Detailed Guide

What Is Normal Laptops?

what is normal laptop

A laptop is a personal computer intended for use while being mobile. Laptops were traditionally intended to be used by one person in their own location for extended periods of time; laptops still typically offer longer battery life than desktop computers.

However, this distinction between laptops and desktops has fundamentally changed with the advent of netbooks, notebook computers that are much smaller sized and lower weight but similar or better in performance compared to full-size notebooks. Notebook computer screens are typically 14–17-inch widescreen devices offering greater resolution compared with smaller screens found on all other types of portable PCs.

The increased resolution allows for greater visibility of pages and fine detail. Laptops typically have one or two USB ports, which are sometimes built into the laptop nestled in a row between keyboard and screen. Other external connectors are usually provided including FireWire, ExpressCard /54 slot, PC card slot, serial port.

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What is Chromebook?

what is chromebook

Chromebook is an Operating System (OS) used on specific computers. The OS takes the Chrome browser and places it into a lightweight OS that can be installed on low-end hardware, like most laptops.

The OS was originally designed to provide lower-end hardware with the ability to quickly launch your favorite web apps like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Google Docs (docs), YouTube without waiting for Windows or Mac OS X.

Chrome OS is not a well-known OS in itself because it does not sell very many devices in the market at this time. It’s different from other operating systems in that there are no apps you download from an application store, copy to your desktop when downloaded and then double click to open when finished downloading. In Chrome OS there are only web apps that are launched from within the browser.

There is also no traditional file system like most desktop operating systems provide. Google provides free 100GB of cloud storage with the purchase of a new Chromebook or Gmail account (25 GB if you already have one). The cloud drive offers quick access to your most-used files and can be accessed at any time via any computer with an internet connection.

You can share items with friends, print documents, make presentations by uploading them to the Internet where they can be viewed or opened in another browser/OS without having to download them. If you do not want someone accessing your personal information stored on your Chromebook you may simply log out and log back in as another person very quickly without needing to log in and enter a password.

To make things work well in this new web-based operating system, Google has partnered with Adobe and Microsoft to provide online versions of their popular programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, Word (in beta), PowerPoint (in beta). However, there is no offline version of these programs at this time and can only be used via an Internet connection.

If your Chromebook is not connected to the Internet it may be sluggish or won’t function properly until reconnected. It provides very little out of the box for computing tasks; however, you can do basic things on it without being connected to the web by installing apps from the Chrome Web Store. There are also many Android apps that will run on some Chromebooks which increases its functionality.

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Difference Between A laptop and Chromebook

Chromebooks differ from traditional laptops because they do not run an operating system such as Windows, nor do they support most legacy PC applications designed for Windows computers. Chromebooks instead rely upon Google’s Chrome OS to run Web-based cloud-based applications and a traditional Web browser.

A Chromebook is defined as a laptop that utilizes the Google Chrome operating system (OS) and Cloud computing. This makes it different from Windows or Mac laptops that utilize Operating Systems such as Windows 7, 8, 10, and Mac OS X. The Chromebook uses apps found in the Google store along with regular updates from Google making all Chromebooks up-to-date automatically.

The benefit of this type of computer system is that it takes less time for updates to take place since they can be done automatically without user input. Additionally, because these systems are compact and lightweight they require little power which ultimately saves on battery life. Chromebooks have become very popular not just among home users but for small businesses as well. Many businesses are now using the Chromebook because it is fast, easy to use and inexpensive. As long as you have an Internet connection you can work on your company files anywhere at any time. And since there is no need to purchase software, this keeps costs down.

Final Words:

A laptop is a computer that has its own monitor, keyboard, and mouse. A Chromebook on the other hand is an internet-based laptop that does not have its own hard drive or files. There are several benefits to using a Chromebook instead of a conventional laptop. The main one is it uses less electricity than most laptops which means you save money by not having to purchase batteries for your device and also in turn helping the environment!

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Which is better a Chromebook or a laptop?

Having a chrome book is definitely better than having a laptop in every way. One reason is that it doesn’t take much time to boot up, unlike laptops which take quite some time. The chrome books are inexpensive and simple to use due to which they are preferred by many people across the world. Laptops on the other hand run on the Windows operating system which has compatibility issues with Mac operating systems, this makes them unsuitable for certain tasks that are meant to be done in chrome books only.

Chrome books may not have that much storage capacity compared to laptops but then you don’t need much space when all you want to do is surf the web, read e-books watch videos, etc.

Laptops also lag behind when it comes to battery life, chrome books have a battery life of more than 10 hours whereas laptops have a battery life of about 5 hours. This makes chrome books extremely portable devices where you can carry them with you anywhere and do your work on the go.

A laptop. You can save data files to external drives or the cloud, while Chrome OS uses cloud storage for all data by default, which can be unreliable. Plus laptops are way more customizable than chrome books, which are basically just internet browsers with some offline capabilities. 

Can a Chromebook do the same as a laptop?

The Chromebook can do so much more than you think it’s capable of. Just because it’s a laptop doesn’t mean that is all it can do. The Chromebook is Google’s solution to the problem of not having an accessible file system, which was one of the major issues with the platform netbooks. But other laptops have solved this problem as well with Cloud storage. The Chromebook makes access to the web a priority, and there are many reasons for this.

What are the disadvantages of a Chromebook?

The Chromebook is an exciting new type of device that’s experiencing a lot of growth lately. They’re relatively cheap compared to other laptop options and offer comparable performance for web-based tasks. Just like with any piece of technology there are advantages and disadvantages to owning one. Here are some of the most common disadvantages associated with the Chromebook.

One major disadvantage to the Chromebook is that it does not have a CD/DVD drive. This can be a deal-breaker to some people, as they need to use CDs or DVDs for certain applications that are unavailable via web apps. The Google operating system can’t run traditional Windows programs, though there are ways around this problem, it’s difficult and often results in the sub-par performance of the programs you are trying to run.

Chromebooks can’t function offline, either, since they need to be able to sync with the Google servers at all times. Even if you’re not connected via an internet connection, your operating system needs a connection to perform background functions for things like email or updates, meaning that the work you do on the Chromebook is not completely permanent.

The Chrome OS system that this type of laptop uses has a lot of disadvantages when compared to Windows and Mac OS systems. They’re not as full-featured or customizable, and they don’t have many of the tools that people are used to using on traditional operating systems. There’s no good.

Can I use Word on a Chromebook?

Yes, you can use Microsoft Word Online on your Chromebook. You can open and edit files that you get through email or that you download from the Web by using Office Online apps. 

Can you download Windows on a Chromebook?

No. There is no way to make a traditional hard drive work with Chrome OS, unlike on a traditional computer where you can plug in any hard drive and install almost anything. The small 32GB of space that is allocated for the operating system will not allow enough space for both Google’s software and a Windows Operating system. You can check how much free space you have by going to “Settings,” then “About Chrome OS” and scrolling down to view the storage section.

Don’t feel too bad though, Microsoft’s latest operating system ‘Windows 10 S,’ which comes installed on modern laptops from major OEMs such as Acer or ASUS, has the same limitations.

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