Dell Laptop Battery Light Flashing Orange When Plugged In Solved

Are you experiencing an issue with your Dell Laptop Battery Light Flashing Orange top battery where the light flashes orange when it’s plugged in? If so, don’t worry – you’re not alone. In this post, we’ll take a look at what might be causing this problem and how to fix it. Keep reading for more information.

We all know that dreaded feeling when we see the battery light on our laptop turn orange. It usually means that we only have a little bit of time left before our computer dies, and we’re nowhere near a power outlet.

But what if your laptop is plugged in and the light is still flashing? Is there something wrong with your battery or charger? Here’s what you need to know about Dell laptop batteries and how to fix the flashing light issue.

What Are The Major Reasons Of Dell Laptop Battery Light Flashing Orange When Plugged In

Dell Laptop Battery Light Flashing Orange When Plugged In Solved

1. Wrong Charger Is Used:

If the charger that was designed to work with your laptop is not being used then there’s a chance that this could be why your battery light is flashing orange. Always make sure you’re using the correct charger for your Dell laptop and try different power outlets. If you continue to see an orange battery light after doing these two things, read on for more possible explanations.

2. laptop Overheating:

Another major cause of the orange light flashing on a Dell laptop battery is overheating. If your laptop has been running for an extended period of time and you see the orange light, chances are it’s getting too hot.

You can use something like compressed air to try and cool down the computer before you continue using it, or plugin a cooling pad.

3. Insufficient Power:

As we mentioned earlier, the orange battery light is usually a sign that there’s not enough power left in your battery to keep running. Perhaps your Dell laptop has been plugged into an outlet for too long without being used and the battery has completely drained.

Try draining the battery by unplugging your computer to see if you can get it to turn back on, or consider getting a replacement battery for your Dell laptop if possible.

4. Faulty AC adapter:

If none of these fixes work then there’s a chance that the issue could be with the AC adapter. If your laptop is plugged into an outlet and the light still keeps flashing orange, you should try using a different power source to see if that works.

Also, try unplugging the charger from your computer and then plugging it back in again.

5. battery is completely dead:

If none of these fixes work, then your Dell laptop battery might be dead. This can happen when the battery is drained so much that it suddenly shuts off, or when there’s a problem with the actual battery itself. If this is the case you’ll need to replace the battery in order to fix this issue.

6. No Battery Installed:

If your Dell laptop is completely off and won’t turn on, make sure the battery isn’t installed correctly. Most Dell laptops have a light to indicate when the battery is charging, but not all of them do.

These are some cases which you might Cause of Dell laptop Battery light flashing orange. If your laptop stays plugged in with flashing orange battery light, try all of these fixes to see if you can get your battery and light back to normal. If not, consider looking into a replacement battery for your Dell laptop.

The information above is the possible reason why your laptop battery light flashes orange when plugged in, it’s best to follow up with your local Dell Service Centre for a diagnosis of the problem.

We have another way for your if you’re being lazy going out and having them diagnosed on how to fix this problem with a simple DIY solution that won’t cost a thing. So keep reading below if you would like to attempt a do-it-yourself method before taking your laptop in for service.

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What Should I Do If My Dell Laptop Battery Light Is Flashing Orange?

1. Check Your Power Adapter Connection:

First, make sure that your power adapter is connected to your laptop and plugged in. If it’s connected but not plugged in, the battery light will flash orange when you move the computer. It might also be flashing orange if there’s a problem with the connection between the power cord and power adapter.

To find out what kind of issue you’re having, try using a different power adapter. If it works with another adapter, then you probably have a problem with your original adapter and should get in touch with Dell Support.

2. Check The Charge Level Of Your Battery:

Additionally, make sure that your battery has enough charge to turn on your laptop and run an electrical test (see next step). If it doesn’t, you’ll need to connect the computer to a power outlet through its power adapter.

Then disconnect it after about ten minutes and see if the light is still flashing orange. If the light is no longer flashing orange when unplugged, then most likely your battery or charger needs to be replaced. You can continue reading for more information on how to fix this issue!

3. Connect Your Computer To A Power Outlet:

If the battery light is still flashing orange after checking your connections and battery level, then you will need to connect the computer to a power outlet. Leave it plugged in for about ten minutes so that Windows can run an electrical test on your battery. Once you disconnect the computer, check if the light went away. If not, continue reading!

4. Reset Your Laptop’s Power Manager:

The Power Manager controls many settings that are related to power usage or times when parts of your laptop turn off (like WiFi). It may be possible that one of these features is causing system conflicts with other devices or software on your laptop, which can prevent it from charging properly. Sometimes resetting the Power Manager will resolve this issue.

To Reset The Power Manager, Follow These Steps:

  1. Reboot your laptop and once you’ve pressed F2 (Dell logo) or Delete (Lenovo logo) to enter the BIOS setup, press F9 (Acer logo) or ESC (Toshiba logo). This will bring up the Boot Menu where you’ll select “Repair my Computer.” Your computer will now boot into Recovery Mode.
  2. Once in Recovery Mode, click Troubleshoot → Reset My PC. When prompted, click Continue. You’ll see a warning about resetting your PC without affecting your files – just read it and click I understand. Finally, select Just remove files if you don’t want to reset your PC completely. Click Reset. Your laptop will restart and boot into the normal mode after the process has finished.

5. Check To See If The Issue Persists:

If at this point, your battery light is still flashing orange, it’s possible that one of two things needs to happen: your battery needs to be replaced or your laptop needs to undergo a hardware repair (in which case you should contact Dell Support ).

The above method can help in diagnosing your problem with your Dell Laptop Battery Light Flashing Orange when plugged in, if the problems still exist after doing so, then it’s best to take your laptop in for servicing or buying a replacement.

Here are some additional solutions worth trying before you run off and do that:(if these don’t work, definitely take it in):

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Additional Solutions of Flashing orange light when plugged in:

  • Unplug the power supply, remove the battery and hold start button for 15 seconds to discharge power from the motherboard. Plug power supply with battery removed and see if machine boots up. If it does boot, a good possibility that a hardware failure on motherboard has occurred preventing system from booting with a bad/defective component on it requiring an internal repair/replacement of the faulty component(s).
  • When you have removed battery from laptop and plugged in power adapter, press Fn+Power key for about 10 sec to drain any residual power from the laptop.
  • If this fails to resolve your problem, then most likely there is no user-serviceable parts inside which means you’ll need to take or send this to Dell for servicing or buying a replacement because the warranty has just expired.


An orange light flashing on a laptop usually means that the battery is not charging. This may be due to any number of factors, including an old or faulty charger, power settings in Windows 10/11, and more.

If you are seeing this issue for the first time it’s worth checking out what your computer manufacturer has to say about it before jumping into anything yourself. Your laptop might just need a new adapter.

Dell provides a list of potential solutions for the orange battery light flashing when plugged in. We Mention all the Possible Solutions Above. We Hope you will Get The Solution. Thanks!

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